About Us


The mission of the Women's Center is to promote equality, to increase women's self-reliance and heighten the understanding of women's contributions to all societies.

The Women's Center carries out this mission by building alliances with campus and community groups and designing programs that encourage participation, including performances, discussion, exhibitions; by involving women and men of diverse races, classes, ethnic origins, sexual orientations, and age groups in creative activities contributing to public education, research, and policy development; and by producing informative and coalition-building publications.


Since its inception, the Women’s Center has contributed to the university through grant funded projects, ongoing programs, and individual stand-alone programs.

The Center has shown leadership in key areas at the University, including securing external funding of $1.2 million to establish the PEACC Program and over $96,000 for the KTAP Program for single parents.  Additionally, the Center provides valuable programming on women’s issues at the University and in the Community.

1993 the Center won funding from the Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest Foundation for the Louisville American Festival Project, “a nationally recognized coalition of artists and sponsors who use the arts…to build understanding between diverse people and forge community alliances.”

1999 the Center won a USDOJ Grant to establish the UofL PEACC Program. Over the next six years, this funding grew to a total of $1.2 million.

2008 the Center won a grant from the Commonwealth of Kentucky to provide “supplemental work-study like grants” for UofL students who are recipients of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.

2008 The Women’s Center doubled its staff and increased programs and services to students, and started a Women 4 Women student group and a Student Parent Association.

2009 With the support of the Women’s Center the Women 4 Women Student Group began a Human Trafficking Awareness Conference for university and community members now in its sixth year and in 2012 the Women’s Center group founded the first Kentucky Statewide College Women’s Leadership Conference which received sponsorships of over $20,000 and provided sponsorship to over sixty attendees.

In 2013 the Women’s Center added a global trip focused on international women’s issues and again increased student programs to include an International Women’s Day Celebration, women’s veteran group and a graduate networking group.

Also starting in 2013 and with the support of the Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies the Women’s Center now has designated office space on the Health Science Campus serving a new population of university students, staff and faculty.

In 2015, AAUW at UofL was established, the first American Association of University Women student organization in the state of Kentucky.