Feminist Social Justice Leadership LLC

 In partnership with the Women's Center, the University Housing Division and Department of Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGST), the Feminist Social Justice Leadership Living and Learning Community (LLC) is a cohort of students engaged in structured learning experiences about social justice. Members of this residential community will attend two Cardinal Core classes together in the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and participate in different educational experiences and community-building activities hosted by the WGST faculty and Women’s Center staff throughout the year.  

Programming focuses on issues related to gender equity and advancing the status of LGBTQIA+ individuals and marginalized genders in our community. The Feminist Social Justice Leadership LLC program provides support in areas including academic engagement, mentor support, peer connection, and student involvement.  In addition, the LLC assists students in developing affirming relationships with faculty, staff, students and members across the local community who are involved in research, professional experiences and activism in gender and sexual equity.  

To learn more about our living learning community...

Location: Belknap Residence Hall

Advisors: Jamieca Jones and Dr. Jabani Bennett

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Kelly Weaver


  • One-on-One coaching with the LLC advisor to support personal and professional wellbeing.  

  • Monthly community nights to foster friendship and to actively develop a social justice anti-racist feminist framework.  

  • Opportunities for peer networking, and relationship-building connecting with faculty, staff, and community members.  

  • Access to leadership and professional development opportunities  

Who can apply?


  • This community is open to ALL first-year students of any age, gender identity, sexual orientation, faith, race, ethnicity, or ability.
  • Because gender inequality exists throughout society, in every discipline and professional pursuit, as well as across cultures, participants from any major are welcome. You do not have to be pursuing a degree in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality to live in this community. 
  • All that is required is 1) a strong interest in being part of an intentional community focused on gender equity 2) enrollment in the required academic courses, and 3) participation in the Feminist Social Justice Leadership LLC cultural programming and community service opportunities.  

Required Courses:

Fall:WGST 204, Digital Feminism (Cardinal Core-- SBD2) Explores how digital and online spaces get shaped by categories like sex, race, gender, class and nation.  

Spring: WGST 202, Seeing Gender (Cardinal Core-- AHD1) Considers how our ways of seeing and visualizing are gendered by exploring the role that feminist theory and gender studies have played in challenging visual culture as a place of social interaction and social definition. 

Meet the Advisors!

Dr. Jabani Bennett (She / They), Director of the Women’s Center 

You can meet with me in the Cultural & Equity Center or on Teams! 

As a graduate of the University of Louisville with a degree in leadership studies, I aim to co-create affirming spaces for students, faculty and staff invested social justice through intentional community building efforts, on and off campus. I am the first Black and openly queer director of the UofL Women’s Center. Before joining the center, I shaped and provided oversight for numerous creative and inclusive community engagement programs for learners across their lifespans. My career as an award-winning arts educator in New York City and Louisville public schools informs current projects in gender equity, cultural equity planning and empowerment for self-identified femmes and feminine-presenting women through arts and culture.  

I am also an artist-mother and certified yoga instructor; I strive to cultivate radical joy as a liberatory practice for collective work. We welcome your participation and unique ideas in our on-going efforts to represent, recruit and retain the amazing talents in our community! 

5 Things to Know About Me! 

  • I was raised in the West End of Louisville – a culturally vibrant and historic part of our city. 

  • I am an interdisciplinary artist. 

  • I lived in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico, Panama, and New York City.  

  • I love lovelove to sing and perform dances from the African diaspora.  

  • I deeply enjoy connecting with our students & diverse community members through co-designing public spaces of belonging.  

Jamieca Jones MSSW, M.A.  (She/Her), Women’s Center Program Coordinator 

You can meet with in the Cultural & Equity Center or on Teams!  

I received both my Master of Science in Social Work and Master of Art in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies (2023) and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology and a minor in Women and Gender Studies (2013) from the University of Louisville. I’ve been with the Women’s Center since 2014 which “helped me find that power within myself and I want others on campus to have that experience as well.” I serve as Advisor to the Association of University Women (AAUW) at UofL, UNA-Women at UofLWomen 4 Women Student Boardand theFeminist Social Justice Leadership LLC. I am connected to my community through several organizations as it takes community within social justice work for real change to happen.  

5 Things to Know About Me!  

  • I'm a foodie & love to travel! Dream trips to Japan and Italy to meet family.  

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday. Expect to see me dress up every year! My favorite costume was a Period Fairy with menstrual pad wings.  

  • I'm a double UofL alumna and fan. Go Cards! 

  • I love K-Pop and K-Dramas! You may hear BTS (Army!) or Seventeen (Carats!) playing in my office if you stop by.  

  • I’m the oldest between my sister and I by 5 years (also a UofL grad) but people always think I’m the youngest since I’m only 4 10.5”. 😊  

Prof. Kelly Weaver, MSSW / MA (they/them), WGST Lecturer 

We can meet virtually or on campus by appointment!  

I graduated from UofL in 2020 from the dual masters program of Social Work and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I have taught in the WGST department since 2018, teaching classes about communication, identity, media, and activism. I have worked with various Louisville and KY organizations dedicated to social justice and bring that community focus to the LLC and my teaching. I love teaching and getting to know my students!  

5 Things to Know About Me! 

  • I grew up in Arkansas!  

  • I love making art, especially embroidery, collage, and painting 

  • I’m always watching movies and tv shows – horror and sci-fi are my favorite! 

  • When I’m not watching movies, I’m listening to podcasts about movies. The Bechdel Cast, Spooky Tuesday, and Girls, Guts, Giallo are my go-to's  

  • Jefferson Memorial Forest is my favorite local place to spend time outdoors