Minor in Race/Gender Studies

Below are the requirements for the minor in Race/Gender Studies, a joint minor with the Department of Pan-African Studies.

Introductory courses:
PAS 200 or 202, Introduction to Pan-African STudies (3 hours)
WGST 201: Women in American Culture (3 hours)

Core Courses:
WGST 347/PAS 364: Racism and Sexism (3 hours)
At least 6 hours chosen from the following:
WGST 340/PAS 340: Black Women Novelists (3)
WGST 346/PAS 385: Women in Africa (3)
WGST 348/PAS 332: African-American Women (3)
WGST 380/PAS 350/TA 363: African-American Women in Theatre (3)
WGST 540/PAS 562: Women's Health in Africa (3)

Electives (6 hours):
Elective in WGST (3)
Elective in PAS (3)

Minimum total hours: 21