Core Faculty

Catherine Fosl

Catherine Fosl, Ph.D.

Professor, Director of the UofL Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research.

Trained in modern U.S. southern and women's history (PhD, Emory University Department of History, 2000), I have evolved into an interdisciplinary scholar of twentieth-century U.S. social justice movements.  I am an oral historian whose areas of concentration include women, white allies, and grassroots-level activism in the modern African American freedom movement in the US-South.

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Jo Ann Griffin, Ph.D.

Senior lecturer

My research focuses on women's voices and the rhetoric of agency and instrumentality as well as rhetorical constructions of gender in public speech. I also work in the area of writing pedagogy -- how best to facilitate progress in honing writing skills.

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Dawn Heinecken, Ph.D.


My research focuses on critical/cultural approaches to the study of gender representation in popular media, cultural studies, media audience reception and feminist criticism.

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This is a picture of Susan Jarosi.

Susan Jarosi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Professor Jarosi teaches courses on contemporary art and visual culture since 1950. Research interests include the history and reception of performance art; experimental film, video, and technology; trauma studies; and the modes of exchange between art and science. New projects involve the ideological function of vitrines in contemporary art exhibitions, the role of models and metaphors in the art-science interchange, and global contemporary art markets. Her dedication to feminism and feminist theory inflects all her work.

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Diane Pecknold

Diane Pecknold, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Chairperson

My research focuses on United States popular culture of the twentieth century, with a particular emphasis on the ways that gender and race have shaped the production and reception of popular music.  I am currently at work on a book about tween girls' music practices and I serve as co-editor of the Journal of Popular Music Studies, the journal of the U.S. Branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music.

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Kaila Story

Kaila Story, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dr. Story's research examines the intersections of race and sexuality, with special attention to Black feminism, Black lesbians, and Black queer identity. Her current research explores the intersections of race, class, and sexuality in identity performance, mass media, body politics, and the like. Dr. Story's other research interests include, but are not limited to, Gender Socialization, Transnational Sexualities, Black feminisms, and Transnational Feminisms.

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Nancy M. Theriot, Ph.D.


My most recent research focuses on medicine as a gendered practice and on the relationship between medical practitioners and patients in the nineteenth century. I am particularly interested in the impact of medical ideology and practices on women's experience of embodiment.

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Part-Time Instructors

Nancy Provolt


WGST 201: Women in American Culture H CD 2 -- distance ed.
WGST 391 (topics): Women and the Environment -- distance ed.
WGST 391 (topics): Gender and Poverty -- distance ed
WGST 391 (topics): Gender & Culture: Global Perspectives -- distance ed.
WGST 391 (topics): Wom/Culture: Global Approaches - distance ed

Lucie Brooks


WGST 391 (topics): Motherhood and the Law - on campus and distance ed.
WGST 391 (topics): Sexual Assault and the Legal System - on campus and distance ed.
WGST 391 (topics) Reproductive Justice and the Law
WGST 391 (topics) Domestic Violence

Tami Harbolt


WGST 201: Women in American Culture
WGST 390: (topics): Women and Animals
WGST 390 (topics): Gender and Folklore

Jennifer White


WGST 303: Humanities and Gender - distance ed
WGST 325: Women and Global Literature - distance ed.

Suzanne Hopf

WGST 201: Women in American Culture

Affiliated Faculty

The affiliated faculty of WGS teach many of the courses in the WGS curriculum. Faculty affiliated with Women's and Gender Studies include:


Ann Allen, History, Emerita
Beth Boehm, English
Tom Byers, English, Emeritus
Julia Dietrich, English
Patricia Gagne, Sociology
Susan Griffin, English
Alan Golding, English
Suzette Henke, English, Emerita
Mary Hums, Health and Sport Science
Cheryl Kolander, Health and Sport Science
Wendy Pfeffer, Classical and Modern Languages
Nancy Potter, Philosophy
Edwin S. Segal, Anthropology, Emeritus
Arthur Slavin, Humanities, Emeritus
Mary Ann Stenger, Humanities, Emerita

Associate Professors

Tomarra Adams, Pan-African Studies
Anne Caldwell, Political Science
Karen Chandler, English
Karen Christopher, Sociology
Christine Ehrick, History
Lauren Freedman,Philosophy
Karen Hadley, English
Greg Hutsheson, Classical and Modern Languages
Katherine Burger Johnson, University Archives
Karen L. Kopelson, English
Gul A. Marshall, Sociology
NataliePolzer, Humanities
Theresa Rajack-Talley, Pan African Studies
Mary P. Sheridan, English

Assistant Professors

Simona Bertacco, Humanities
Jennifer Calvano, Theatre Arts
Tricia Gray, Political Science
Lara Kelland, History
Jongwoo J. Kim, Fine Arts
Maryam Moazzen, Humanities
Laura Moyer, Political Science
Karl Swinehardt, Linguistics, Comparative Humanities
Margath Walker, Geography and GeoSciences