Part-Time Faculty

Nancy Provolt


WGST 201: Women in American Culture H CD 2 -- distance ed.
WGST 391 (topics): Women and the Environment -- distance ed.
WGST 391 (topics): Gender and Poverty -- distance ed
WGST 393 (topics): Gender and Social Media-WR
WGST 391 (topics): Gender & Culture: Global Perspectives -- distance ed.
WGST 391 (topics): Wom/Culture: Global Approaches - distance ed

Lucie Brooks


WGST 337: Motherhood and the Law
WGST 339: Black Women and the Criminology System
WGST 416: Sexual Assault and the Legal System
WGST 417: Reproductive Justice and the Law
WGST 418: Domestic Violence

Jo Ann Griffin


Women in American Culture; Women, Humor and Comedy; Writing in Women's and Gender Studies, Gender and Public Dialogue, and Women's Personal Narratives

Tami Harbolt

WGST 201: Women in American Culture
WGST 390: (topics): Women and Animals
WGST 390 (topics): Gender and Folklore

Kelly Weaver


Jennifer White


WGST 303: Humanities and Gender - distance ed
WGST 325: Women and Global Literature - distance ed.