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Minor in LGBTQ Studies

Requirements for the LGBTQ minor (18 hours)

  • WGST 301, Introduction to LGBTQ Studies (3 hours)
  • Four of the following courses (12 hours)
    • WGST 313, Sociology of Gender
    • WGST 323, Queer Politics
    • WGST 344, Black Lesbian Lives
    • WGST 375, LGBTQ Literature
    • WGST 513, U.S. Social Justice Movements
    • WGST 532, History of American Sexualities
    • Approved topics courses (for example, Queer Perspectives in Media and Film)
  • WGST 401 OR WGST 589/590: Internship OR Independent Research Project in LGBTQ Studies (3 hours)
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In 2008-2009, the WGS undergraduate advisor is Dawn Heinecken. For an advising appointment, call the main office (502-852-8160) or Email Dr. Heinecken.

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