New and recent graduates

Spring 2016

  • M.A. in WGS
    • MC Lampe ("Origins, Bodies and Gender")
    • Patrick Sherwood (dual degree: WGS M.A./MSSW)
    • Sarah Slates (dual degree: WGS M.A./MSSW)

Spring 2015

  • MA in WGS
  • Yasmeen Chism ("You Didn't Choose Us We Choose You: Or How Black Women are Reconceptualizing Interracial Relationships with White Men")
  • Daphne Laurel Heflin ("They Care What You Wear: Gendered Practices in University Internship Manuals")
  • Leasha Rudolph ("The Reimagined Embodiment of Indie Authenticity: Queer Music, Technology, and Voice")

  • Fall 2015

    • M.A. in WGS
      • Tina Messer ("Fibromyalgia: Medicalized Body")

    Fall 2014

  • BA/BS in WGS
  • Karina Hawley, BA
  • Sarah McGeeney, BA
  • Marinda Ragsdale, BS
  • Josie Timmons, BS
  • James Wood, BS
  • Summer 2014

  • Graduate Certificate in WGS
    • Shelby Pumphrey
    • LuEllen Fawcett

    Spring, 2014

  • MA in WGS
    • Lauren Copeland ("Academics and Activism: A Comparative Study of Contemporary Historical Writings on Same-Sex Sexuality and LGBT Activists in the Middle East")
    • Aletia Robey ("The Bricks in Action: Women's Public Housing Activism in Louisville, Kentucky 1958-1970")
    • Shritha Vasudevan ("Feminist Case to Secure India's Compliance with the Due Diligence Obligation to the Women's Convention")
    • Jessica Whitish ("Radical Sister: Lucy Freibert as Feminist Nun, Activist, and Educator"

  • Graduate Certificate in WGS
    • Mary Mudd
    • Meagan Ray

  • BA/BS in WGS
    • Ann Michelle Moore (BS Summa cum Laude)

    Fall, 2013

  • MA in WGS:
    • Jessica Lyons ("Putting Ourselves Out of Business: A Feminist Approach to Integrating Prevention as a Core Operating Principle for Intimate Partner Violence Service Agencies")

  • BA/BS in WGS:
    • M C Lampe (BS)
    • Hannah Schlaak (BS)
    • Colton Wilson (BA)

    Spring, 2013

  • MA in WGS (with thesis/project titles)
    • Leslie Belmont (J Bieber and Adrogeny)
    • Erica Harbeson ("Gender, Identity and Gaming")
    • Andrea Hoell
    • Kristi Johnson ("Army Female Engagement Teams in Afghanistan: Perceptions of the Program and Its Success")
    • Kate Meyers ("Gender Subjectivity and Games")
    • Erin Phelps ("Gender Politics and Mad Men)
    • Alisha West ("Gender in Lesbian/Gay Publications")
    • Brittany Williams ("Celebrity Motherhood")

  • Graduate Certificate in WGS
    • Megan Kociscak
    • Sandra Carpenter

  • BA/BS in WGS
    • Jeana Cheatham (BS)
    • Alyson Hill (BA)
    • Laura Jones (BA)
    • Jyler Donovan (BA)

    Summer, 2012

  • BA/BS in WGS
    • Sarah Howard (BA)

    Spring, 2012

  • M.A. in WGS (with thesis/project titles):
    • Susan Laun ("Masculinity and Taylor Swift")
    • Kelsie Patton ("Natural Mothering Blogs")
    • Sarah Pennington ("Feminist Analysis: Adult Cartoons")
    • Jennifer Stith ("Catholicism and Feminism")
    • Jennifer Welch ("Teen mothers and the Media"

  • Graduate Certificate in WGS
    • Jamie Ratliff

  • BA/BS in WGS
    • Lindsay Ferguson (BS)
    • Carissa House (BA)
    • Sarah Howard (BA)
    • Shelby Pumphrey (BA)
    • Brittney Shaw (BS)

    Fall 2012

    • Graduate Certificate in WGS
      • Leslie Harper

    Fall, 2011

  • Kristen Humbert (BA)
  • Summer, 2011

  • Sarah Camp (BA)
  • Spring, 2011(Thesis/project titles)

  • M.A. in WGS:
    • Ricke Ballard (Project title: "Bad Dads and Daddy Issues: Lost as a Critique of Patriarchy")
    • Andrew Clark (Thesis title: "The Madness is Catching: Transsexuality and the Cartesian Subject")
    • Merritt Gill (Project title: "The Unruly Woman in Bridezillas: Moving from Transgressive to Regressive")
    • Erin Herbert (Thesis title: "They are in Silence: Refugee Women's Narratives")
    • Jennifer Hill (dual degree: MSW with Kent School of Social Work)
    • Kathryn Hogg (Project title: "Pickup Artists and Rape Culture")
    • Lex Lawson (Project title: "What the Punk? Gender, Sexuality and Resistance in Musical Scenes")
    • Christine Neejer (Thesis title: "Cycling and Women's Rights in the Suffrage Press")
    • Rebecca Amerisa Waters (Project title: "Framing Healing Through Art: A Collaborative Approach")

    Spring/Summer, 2010

  • M.A. in WGS:
    • Barret Bell
    • Elizabeth Dansberry
    • Jenna Gurren
    • Robert Plienis
    • Jessica Ronald

    Spring, 2009

  • B.A. in WGS:
    • Andrew Clark
    • Merritt Gill
    • Morgan Hamilton
    • Monica Marks

  • B.S. in WGS:
    • Susan Eady

  • M.A. in WGS:
    • Kristin Burgoyne (dual degree with MSW)
    • Fate Longino (dual degree with MSW)
    • Ajeenah Sharif
    • Maggie Wendt
    • Sarah Young

  • Graduate Certificate in WGS
    • Tabatha Adkins

    Picture of M.A. graduates for 2009

    Spring, 2008

  • B.A. in WGS:  Lindsay Adams, Shaliza Edge, Jessica Ronald, Liz Utterbach
  • M.A.  in WGS: Jill Bickel, Erin Reidel
  • Graduate certificate in WGS: Elise Delacruz (with M.A. in PAS), Nancy Reinhart (with MPH), Sarah Watkins (with M.A. in PAS)