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Nancy M. Theriot

Ph.D., American Studies, University of New Mexico, 1983

Dr. Nancy M. Theriot is Professor and Chairperson, Women's and Gender Studies.

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Selected publications:

  • "Negotiating Illness:  Doctors, Patients, and Families in the Nineteenth Century,"    Journal of The History of the Behavioral Sciences, 37(Fall, 2001), 349-368.
  • Mothers and Daughters in Nineteenth-Century America:  The Biosocial Construction of Femininity, revised edition, (Lexington:  University Press of Kentucky, 1996). 
  • "Women's Voices in Nineteenth-Century Medical Discourse:  A Step Toward Deconstructing Science," Signs 19 (1993), 1-31.  Reprinted in Gender and Scientific Authority, ed. Barbara Laslett, Sally Gregory Kohlstedt, Helen Longino, and Evelyn Hammonds (Chicago:  University of Chicago Press, 1996), pp. 124-154; and reprinted in History and Theory:  Feminist Research, Debates, Contestations, ed., Barbara Laslett, (Chicago:  University of Chicago Press, 1997), pp. 156-186.
  • “Diagnosing Unnatural Motherhood:  Nineteenth-Century Physicians and ‘Puerperal Insanity,’” American Studies, 26 (1990), 69-88.  Reprinted in Technical Knowledge in American Culture:  Science, Technology and Medicine Since the Early 1880s, ed. Hamilton Cravens, Alan I. Marcus, and David M. Katzman (Tuscaloosa:  University of Alabama Press, 1996), pp. 73-90; and in Childbirth:  Changing Ideas and Practices in Britain and America, 1600 to the Present, ed. Philip K. Wilson (Hamden, CT:  Garland Press, 1996), pp. 133-152; and in Women and Health in America, second edition, ed. Judith Walzer Leavitt (Madison:  University of Wisconsin Press, 1999), pp. 405-422.


Current and recent courses:

  • Women in Nineteenth-Century, U.S. (cross-listed with History)
  • History of American Childhood (cross-listed with History)
  • Race, Class, and Gender (team-taught with Angela Y. Davis)
  • Lectures in Women's & Gender Studies: Gender and Sexualities
  • History of Sexualities (cross-listed with History)
  • History of Women and Medicine (cross-listed with History)
  • Senior Seminar in WGS: Interdisciplinary Research
  • Reading Second-Wave Feminism
  • Women in American Culture (on-line)
  • Feminist Research in the Humanities (cross-listed with Humanities)
  • For English: Intermediate Composition
  • For History:History of Medicine


Research interests:

My most recent research focuses on medicine as a gendered practice and on the relationship between medical practitioners and patients in the nineteenth century. I am particularly interested in the impact of medical ideology and practices on women's experience of embodiment.


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