Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies offers courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the humanities and social sciences (100-, 200-, 300-, 400-, 500-, and 600-levels). 600-level courses are open only to graduate students. Many 500-level courses are open to advanced undergraduates as well as graduate students. Most courses are cross-listed with other departments, and in the lists below cross-listed course numbers are noted in parentheses. WGST courses meet criteria established by the Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies faculty.

Many WGST undergraduate courses meet general education and/or College of Arts and Sciences requirements. General education/A&S designations are noted after course titles:

  • WC, meets written communication requirement
  • OC, meets oral communication requirement
  • H, meets humanities requirement
  • CD 1/CD 2, meets cultural diversity requirement
  • WR, meets College of Arts and Sciences writing requirement

Course Lists

All undergraduate courses in numerical order

Undergraduate courses in the humanities

Undergraduate courses in the social sciences

Graduate courses

Official UofL schedule of classes