Staff Senate Communication Guidelines


At the Staff Senate, we recognize the importance of effective communication within our organization. To facilitate clear and timely information sharing, the Executive Committee is recommending the following communication guidelines, utilizing both the listserv and Microsoft Teams as available media.

1. Email Communication:

     a. All important notifications, announcements, and official updates will be sent through the Staff Senate listserv to ensure widespread dissemination of information.

     b. It is the responsibility of all members to regularly check their email and keep their contact information up to date to receive important messages.

     c. Members are welcome to respond to emails if they have a question, but they can and should feel free to take the conversation to Teams if they think a discussion will be generated from it.

2. Microsoft Teams:

     a. Microsoft Teams will serve as our primary platform for conversational discussions, collaboration, and asking questions within the Staff Senate community.

     b. Members are encouraged to utilize Microsoft Teams for non-urgent communication, brainstorming ideas, seeking input, and engaging in dialogue.

     c. The platform offers various channels and chat features that promote efficient and organized discussions among members. The Staff Senate Teams general channel should be used for all internal discussions.

     d. The chat function for full senate meetings is intended for use only during the meeting and will contain guest and outside entities. Do not share anything in the meeting chat that you do not want included in the permanent meeting records.

     e. Teams should be used respectfully, maintaining a professional and inclusive tone, adhering to our code of conduct, and valuing diverse opinions.

3. Medium Selection:

     a. The choice of communication medium will depend on the nature and urgency of the message.

     b. Email will be the default medium for official announcements, policy changes, meeting invitations, and other critical information that requires broad visibility.

     c. Microsoft Teams will be preferred for casual conversations, brainstorming sessions, general inquiries, and building a sense of community among the Staff Senate members.

     d. Members are encouraged to be mindful of the appropriate medium and use email for important, time-sensitive matters.

4. Engagement Expectations:

     a. All Staff Senate members are encouraged to actively participate in the communication channels, contribute to discussions, and stay informed about relevant matters.

     b. Respectful and courteous behavior is required when interacting with other members, both in emails and on Microsoft Teams.

     c. Constructive feedback, suggestions, and innovative ideas are welcomed and encouraged to foster a collaborative environment.

5. Accessibility and Inclusivity:

     a. We are committed to ensuring that our communication channels are accessible to all members. If any member requires accommodations or assistance, they should reach out to the Staff Senate leadership team.

     b. We value diverse perspectives and encourage respectful dialogue while being mindful of the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and opinions of our members.

These communication guidelines aim to strike a balance between formal and informal communication, utilizing email for official notifications and Microsoft Teams for conversational discussions. By adhering to this policy, we can foster effective communication, collaboration, and engagement among the Staff Senate.



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