Senate Mission

MISSION: The University of Louisville Staff Senate as a partner in the Shared Governance structure, is an advocate for the interests and concerns of staff, in the support of the University community and its mission.

The Staff Senate is the officially-recognized governance group for all staff members at the University of Louisville. Established to strengthen the bond between staff members, the Senate also participates in the shared governance process with University Administration, the Faculty Senate, and the Student Government Association.

In its advisory role, the Staff Senate reviews University policies, programs and documents affecting staff, and makes recommendations to the Administration on issues that concern the welfare of the staff, as a whole.

The Staff Senate consists of ninety-nine (99) Senators elected from and by their respective Vice President/Dean Areas (VPDAs). Each unit is allotted a number of representatives according to the formula determined in the by-laws of the Staff Senate.

Membership is open to all regular, full-time and/or regular part-time staff members who have at least six months of continuous University service. Senators are elected for a term of two years. Staff Senate applications are accepted at all times throughout the year.


University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky 40292

SENATE Office 

MITC Lower Level Room 050


(502) 852-7937

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