Faculty and Staff


Chris Johnson, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Research Interests: Organization Theory, Health Services Access, Quality Improvement, Long-Term Care
502-852-3987, cejohn23@louisville.edu

Demetra Antimisiaris, PharmD, BCGP, FASCP
Associate Professor, Director, UofL Polypharmacy Innovation Center
Frazier Polypharmacy and Medication Management Program

Lee W. Bewley, Ph.D., FACHE
Associate Professor & Program Director, Healthcare Leadership
Research Interests: Human Capital Development, Competency-Based Education, Strategic Market Interactions

Craig Blakely, Ph.D., MPH
Research Interests: Policy and programs that target maternal, high-risk youth and other disadvantaged populations
502-852-3297, chblak01@louisville.edu

Liza Creel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Maternal and Child Health, Access to Healthcare for Children with Special Healthcare Needs, Interorganizational Relationships, Health Delivery Systems and Services
502-852-3283, lmcree02@louisville.edu

Bob Esterhay, M.D.
Emeritus Associate Professor
Research Interests: Health Information Infrastructure for Individual Health, Healthcare and Population Health, Network Science Applications in Health, Social Network Analysis, Complex Adaptive Networks, Health Transaction Cost Economics
502-852-6135, bob.esterhay@louisville.edu

J’Aime Jennings, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Public Health Systems and Services, Interorganizational Relationships, Health Disparities, Healthcare Strategy and Marketing
502-852-3286, Jaime.jennings@louisville.edu

David Johnson, Ph.D., MPH, CPH
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Public Health Networks, Public-Private Partnerships, Community Coalitions, Pedagogy in Public Health, Public Health Workforce Development, Local Food Systems, Nutrition and Food Security

Seyed Karimi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Bert Little, Ph.D.
Research Interests: Human Genetics/Biology, Applied Mathematics, Health Outcomes, Data Mining/Big Data
502-852-5933, bblitt02@louisville.edu

Andrew McCart, PhD, MBA
Assistant Professor

Sarah S. Moyer, M.D., MPH
Associate Professor

Giang Vu, DDS, MS, PhD
Assistant Professor

Barry Wainscott, M.D., MPH
Emeritus Assistant Professor

Katherine Yewell, PhD
Assistant Professor


Susan Olson Allen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Health and the Built Environment, Program Evaluation, Policy Development
502-852-1824, smolso01@louisville.edu

Theo Edmonds, J.D., MHA, MFA
Assistant Professor

Michael Goldsby Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor 
Affiliation: UCSD School of Medicine - La Jolla, CA

Alex Kerns, Ph.D., MHA   
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Robert M. Malina, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Affiliation:  Professor Emeritus, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, University of Texas in Austin

Michael Mills, Ph.D.
Adjunct Associate Professor
Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, J. Graham Brown Cancer Center, Radiation Oncology

Robert Reilly, M.D.
Clinical Professor

Affiliation: University of Alabama--Birmingham, Dept. of Nephrology

Arnold Schecter, M.D., MPH
Adjunct Professor
Affiliation: Professor, University of Louisville Dept. of Pharmacology & Toxicology

Martha Schecter, J.D., LLM
Adjunct Associate Professor
Affiliation: Empire State College SUNY

Srikanth Tangelloju, Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Affiliation: Humana

Jim Taylor, DMan, MBA, MHA
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Judah Thornewill, Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Beatrice Ugiliweneza, Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Affiliation: University of Louisville, Department of Neurosurgery

Robin Weiss, Ph.D., MPH, CLC, LCCE
Adjunct Assistant Professor

William Yasnoff, M.D., Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Affiliation: Medical Director, AMA; Health Information Technology Consultant, Washington, D.C.

Steve Zimmerman, Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Affiliation: Humana


Aaliyah Eaves, PhD, LLM, JD
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Affiliation: Dinsmore and Shohl LLP 

Mary Beth Allen, PhD, MBA
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Affiliation: Kentucky Department for Public Health

For additional information on the above Adjunct Faculty, please see the general Adjunct Faculty Directory for the School of Public Health and Information Sciences.


Martin D'Cruz
Executive in Residence

Michael Rust
Executive in Residence

Judah Thornewill
Executive in Residence

Tom Walton, MDiv, MS
Executive In Residence


Lisa Baunach, Senior Program Coordinator, UofL Polypharmacy Innovation Center


Melissa Eggen, MPH, Program Manager, CHOT


Jordan Fries, Administrative Assistant

Pam Renner, Senior Program Coordinator, HMSS

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