Mission, Vision, Values, & Goals


To improve the health of the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and beyond by developing innovative healthcare leaders and partnering with the community to develop, disseminate, and apply evidence-based knowledge about health policy-making, systems design, and quality healthcare delivery.

VISION Preview Day 2018

We aspire to have academic programs that are nationally and internationally recognized as making an impact on health policy and population health. We will accomplish this through our research productivity, the quality of our education and professional development programs, the dissemination of evidence-based knowledge, and community service.


Our values reflect those of the School of Public Health & Information Sciences:

  • We nurture an academic setting that fosters ethics, respect, diversity, cooperation, learning, and fun.
  • We strive to improve our approach and performance through a program of active feedback and deliberate change.
  • We embrace innovative ideas for advancing knowledge.
  • We investigate new techniques and technologies for doing research, teaching, and service.
  • We think globally and act locally.
  • We collaborate with any who will join us in working for population health.
  • We recognize that population health starts with the individual.
  • We advocate for population health.


Develop the next generation of healthcare leaders: Whether at the Masters or Doctoral level, we want our graduates to be acknowledged as leading the transformation of our healthcare system. We will provide a curriculum that teaches our students leadership skills and we will track their performance post-graduation within their jobs. We will engage our alumni and use their feedback to improve the leadership skills within our programs.

The National Center for Healthcare Leadership, Health Policy, and the AHRQ PhD competencies will be the driving forces behind the leadership development in HMSS. In addition, stakeholder advisory boards will assist with this process.


Conduct high quality research that is used to solve complex policy and delivery challenges: Our faculty will be engaged at the local, state, national, and international levels in developing innovative research projects that will impact health policy and healthcare delivery. We expect to publish in high quality journals, present findings at the most impactful professional meetings, and to have our research disseminated to the community to enable positive change in access, healthcare quality, and costs.

The Commonwealth Institute of Kentucky (CIK) and the NSF Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT) and partnerships with other UofL research institutes and centers will be primary conduits for this activity.


Educate population health, health management, and public health practice professionals:We will use evidence-based pedagogical techniques to drive curriculum development. All of our Programs will seek the appropriate accreditations for our field and will use this process as a continuous quality check of our processes. The programs will use input from current students, alumni, employers, and stakeholders to improve the skill sets and competencies that our students are taught in the programs.

Our MS in Health Administration, MPH concentration in Health Policy, MS in Health Data Analytics, and PhD in Public Health Sciences Specialization in Health Management and Policy curriculum will be the primary areas where this area will be executed.


Partnering with the community to disseminate and apply new knowledge: We will work with the community to determine where we can have the most impact, develop research projects that can solve real-time problems, and disseminate these findings so that population health can be improved.

CIK and CHOT and partnerships with other UofL research institutes and centers will be primary conduits for this activity. Faculty service activities within the community will also assist with this process.

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