1. Posting in the SAC
  2. Tabling
  3. Catering in the SAC
  4. Cancellations and No Shows
  5. Amplified Sound
  6. Chalking
  7. Lost and Found
  8. Damages
  9. Security
  10. Prohibited Items
  11. Insurance
  12. Screening Films and Other Copyrighted Content
  13. Use of Campus Grounds
  14. Yard Signs

Posting in the SAC

No posters, banners or other informational signage may be attached to walls, doors, windows, light poles, or railings, or posted anywhere else in or around the SAC without prior approval.

Flyers and promotional materials may not be placed on tables, chairs, counters, or anywhere else in dining and lounge areas within the SAC without written permission from the Director of the Student Activities Center. Abuse of this policy may result in the offending group or individual being charged for cleanup.

Whenever possible, the use of easels will be used to hold all signage for reservations. All easels must be placed out of the main traffic pattern as to protect those patrons that are visually challenged.

Banner space can be reserved through the Office of Student Involvement. Banner space can only be held for a maximum of two weeks at a time unless approved in writing. Contact the Office of Student Involvement if you have signage or banners that need to be displayed.


General tabling in the SAC must occur at designated information tables located on the first floor. All groups wishing to use an information table must reserve their table at least 2 days in advance with the SAC Reservationist. Organizations are typically limited to one table space per reservation.

Organizations that utilize information tables without a reservation will be asked to leave and may have their SAC reservation privileges suspended.

  • No group may make more than five table reservations per calendar month.
  • Three tables in Atrium for RSOs. The marketplace will be for departments only. Once Atrium tables are booked, RSOs should reserve for another date.
  • University Departments and registered student organizations shall not use their privileges to reserve tables and “front” for a non-university group or commercial entity. Outside companies may be referred to the Career Center.
  • Only two RSO reps will be allowed to table at a time
  • Groups may only reserve one table per day
  • All organizations are permitted to use tables but must be aware that they may not approach or solicit individuals to recruit them. They must sit at the tables and allow others to come to them for information. Any literature they have at their tables to hand out must identify the organization they represent.
  • When handing out flyers or asking for sign-ups, members must do so from behind or within 2 feet of the table. RSO members may not walk around handing out items.
  • Displays and activities associated with the table reservation can not block the free flow of traffic or encroach on another table.
    • Ex: Stands, signs, A-Frames,
  • Amplified sound is permitted at low levels not to disturb ongoing events
  • The sponsoring organization and/or department is responsible for returning the approved location(s) to their original condition with the entire area clean and all trash and debris removed
  • Solicitation from non-UofL organizations requires approval. Please contact sac-res@louisville.edu for additional information.

Catering in the SAC

Louis Events and Catering is the preferred caterer for the University of Louisville on both the Belknap and HSC campuses and the exclusive caterer for University of Louisville Student Activities Center (SAC).

Louis Events and Catering does provide a cost conscious menu for student groups.

Donated food for student events may be exempt from this policy. In order to qualify for any exemption, student groups are required to fill out an electronic form that is provided to them by the SAC reservationist or via this link: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/320d4cb4194f4eed81cf7436d8496eb2.

All non-student groups are required to use UofL Catering by Aramark for all catering services. Outside food and beverages are not permitted, including bottled beverages. Please order here: https://louisvillecatering.catertrax.com/.

Louis Events and Catering is the sole licensed alcohol provider for the Student Activities Center and the Red Barn. No outside alcohol service is permitted in the SAC or Red Barn.

The Red Barn and outdoor event spaces are not included in the exclusive catering agreement.

In order to provide you with the best service possible, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible. Even if the date of the event is only tentative, please make arrangements with the catering department so that we can get you on our calendar. Although five business days is appreciated we will attempt to accommodate you on shorter notice, but menu selections may be limited.

UofL Catering Website - https://louisvillecatering.catertrax.com/.

Policy Violations:

  • 1st Offense – Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Offense - $100
  • 3rd Offense – No longer able to use SAC Facilities

Cancellations and No Shows

Cancellation must be given to the SAC reservationist within 7 working days of events in the Multipurpose Rooms, Ballroom, Red Barn, and outdoor spaces. Cancellation must be given within 72 hours for events in meeting rooms and the Floyd Theatre.

If no cancellation is received, SAC staff will proceed with setting the reservation as requested. In the event that the reserving organization does not show up at their event or meeting, the event will be designated a No Show and will be billed as if the event did take place will all requested services.

Groups that accrue No Show events in the current academic year will have the following penalties levied:

  • First occurrence = Written notice
  • Second occurrence = $25 fee
  • Third occurrence = $25 fee and loss of reservation privileges for remainder of current academic year

Amplified Sound

In order to prevent disruption of class and other campus activities, amplified sound will only be allowed on outdoor Belknap campus spaces under the following provisions.

For confirmed reservations in the SAC, Red Barn, West Plaza, West Lawn, and South Plaza, amplified sound may be allowed after 10:00 AM until the SAC closes.

For confirmed reservations in outdoor campus spaces beyond those denoted above, amplified sound is not allowed at any time, except with written permission from the Office of Student Involvement.


Chalking is permitted only on sidewalks using light colored chalk in open, horizontal areas to allow for eventual removal by rainfall. Do not chalk under an overhang on the buildings, the side of a building or under ramps. Chalking is not permitted directly in front of doorways or on stairs to the building. Chalking is also not permitted on the sidewalks around the Speed Art Museum and within 50 feet of any of the Residence Halls. The use of industrial chalk, spray chalk or paint on sidewalks or buildings is prohibited.

Lost and Found

The Information Desk of the Student Activities Center (SAC) on the third floor in W310 serves as the main lost-and-found station in the SAC. Lost items will be kept in locked storage space in W310 for a very limited duration. All unclaimed items will be taken to ULPD every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Cardinal Cards will be delivered to the Cardinal Card office every Friday.

SAC and Student Involvement staff will not be held responsible for any materials, equipment, or personal items left in the building. If you believe your property has been stolen, contact the ULPD immediately by calling 502-852-6111.

Damages and Cleaning

University property and its facilities will be used in a careful and prudent manner so as to prevent any loss, defacement, or damage. The reservation holder is responsible for all damage to the facilities or grounds by those granted access to the facilities under their reservation.

The reservation holder is responsible for making sure that all garbage is placed inside provided garbage cans before leaving the facility. If the reservation holder would like the provided garbage cans emptied before the event ends, they may contact the SAC Manager on Duty. Any garbage that will not fit inside the provided garbage cans must be removed from the facility by the reservation holder or their designee. Items stacked on top of or beside a full garbage can are considered to be outside the garbage can and must be removed by the reservation holder or their designee.

Excessive trash, spills, or other circumstances resulting in the need for additional cleaning by University personnel may result in an Excessive Cleaning Fee being charged to the reservation holder. The Excessive Cleaning Fee will be a minimum of $100 and will be charged at the discretion of SAC staff. Failure to pay cleaning fees or the occurrence of multiple cleaning fees in an academic year may result in the suspension of the reservation holder's ability to reserve campus spaces.


Some RSO events may be required to hire security through the University of Louisville Police Department. Many factors could contribute to security being needed and the Office of Student Involvement will make that determination in cooperation with ULPD. The most common reasons for security being required include alcohol service, late-night hours, open to the public, or events deemed high risk.

Security arrangements must be made at least 21 days in advance of the event. If the student group is not able to satisfy the security requirements, their event may be canceled. In the event that the RSO needs to cancel ULPD services, notification must occur at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled event or the organization will be billed.

Outside security staffing is not permitted at any events on university grounds except with written permission from the University of Louisville Police Department.

Prohibited Items

The use of candles, paint, fireworks, confetti, glitter, rice, rice bags, birdseed, smoke machines, smoking indoors, weapons of any kind, and illegal substances is prohibited at campus events. No tacks, tape, screws, Velcro, nails or other types of adhesive may be used to affix items or decorations to the facility.

Event Insurance

Non-UofL groups may be required to present proof of general liability insurance for their events hosted in any indoor or outdoor space on campus. SAC staff can provide information about how to obtain appropriate insurance coverage.

Screening Films and Other Copyrighted Content

The Student Activities Center and Red Barn are public event venues and therefore any film screenings or screenings of other copyrighted content at events must comply with federal and state copyright laws. Typically this means that in order to show a movie or TV show at an event, the event organizers must obtain permission from the content's distributor. Except in special circumstances, this permission is usually granted through a limited licensing agreement with a fee for that specific event. Even though the screening may be held at a venue that is part of an educational institution like UofL, that does not mean that screenings inside the SAC or Red Barn would necessarily qualify as educational use.

Use of Campus Grounds

Activities/events taking place on University of Louisville outdoor areas of campus must be sponsored by members of the University Community (recognized student organization, faculty, staff, student and/or department) and must be registered with the department of Student Activities. (Non-University individuals and organizations are governed by the University’s Speech and Distribution of Literature policy.)

Nothing in this policy is intended to impede the members of the University Community in the exercise of their rights to free speech. The Use of Grounds registration policy allows for the University to receive sufficient notification of activities/events on the grounds of the University and ensure that individuals, student organizations and departments are aware of appropriate University policies.

The University may limit the number of activities/events taking place in order to provide the appropriate support for all activities and events. If the University becomes aware of unregistered activities/events being planned or conducted by individual students, student organizations, or departments, the planners or participants will be asked to comply with the registration policy. An activity/event which disrupts or interferes with normal operations of the University may be canceled at any time, before or during the activity/event, by the Director of the Student Activities Center, the UofL Police Department, and/or their designees. Obstructing or impeding the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic and/or blocking ingress and egress to buildings is prohibited. Additionally, intentionally and substantially interfering with the freedom of expression of others is prohibited.

Individual students, organizations, or departments will be granted permission for activities/events if the proposed activity/event is conducted in accordance with the permit, time, place, and manner regulations established below. When necessary, the Student Activities Center will notify Physical Plant, the UofL Police Department, the Office of Risk Management, and other offices pertinent to the request.

PERMIT: To request use of the grounds for an activity/event, an individual, student organization or department must submit a completed reservation request to the Student Activities Center including: the identity of the host or sponsoring group; the proposed location, date, and time for the activity/event; and a full description of planned equipment, props, and displays to be used. The reservation request must be completed and approved by the Student Activities Center and Physical Plant prior to the activity/event.

A copy of the reservation confirmation must be available at the activity/event and presented upon request to any University official.

TIME: On the reservation request, an individual, student organization or department must submit a request for the preferred date and time of its planned activity or event. Activities and events may occur at any date and time as approved in advance by the Student Activities Center. Prior notice is necessary in order to allow for coordination with public safety. The University will consider each request in light of other requests and campus activities and priorities, and will work with the applicant to identify a suitable date and time for the planned activity or event.

PLACE: On the reservation request, an individual, student organization or department must submit a request for the preferred location of its planned activity or event. The University will consider each request in light of other requests and campus activities and priorities, and will work with the applicant to identify a suitable location for the planned activity or event.

Even after a request has been granted, grounds use may be restricted due to weather or ground conditions. Groups or individuals should plan for an alternate, indoor, location in the case of inclement weather or poor ground condition.

MANNER: Any structures (tents, stages, etc.) must be fully described in the registration form, and will be approved only if they comply with all Metro Louisville and University requirements with respect to health code, building code, fire code, etc. Structures must be open to allow the inside area of the structure to be viewed from the outside to ensure the safety of all individuals. The location of all structures shall be approved by a member of the Physical Plant and/or Student Activities.

Activity that may damage or deface university property (including without limitation stapling posters to trees or taping posters to street lamp posts) is not permitted.

Trucks, automobiles, vans, ATVs, or trailers are not permitted on lawn areas. Barbeque grills, soda dispensers, and beverage containers must be located on a paved surface.

All tables, chairs, equipment, tents, trash, and debris must be removed from the lawn area immediately following the activity/event.

Repair of any damage to the lawn or irrigation system (including without limit ruts, large holes, or missing sod) caused by an activity/event is the financial responsibility of the group/individual hosting or sponsoring the activity/event.

COMPLIANCE: If violation of one of the time, place, or manner conditions is essential for the proposed activity/event, the Student Activities Center and Physical Plant have the discretion to provide an exemption upon request by the host or sponsoring individual, student organization, or department.

Without prior approval for an exemption, any individuals or groups utilizing the grounds at the University of Louisville must comply with these guidelines set forth by the Student Activities Center and Physical Plant. Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in the loss of privileges to utilize grounds on campus for future events.

Yard Signs

Yards signs are permitted to be placed on the campus grounds by University departments and recognized student organizations. Non-UofL organizations, businesses, or individuals are not permitted to place yard signs on campus grounds.

Guidelines for yard signs includes:

  • Yard signs should contain the sponsor’s name and date of the activity.
  • For signs without a date, the sign should be up no more than 30 days.
  • Signs should be placed in mulch bed and mulch rings around tree. Any sign placed in the lawn will be moved to the closest mulch area to the original location by a groundskeeper.
  • Signs should be removed within 5 business days once the activity is concluded. Utilizing a map of where signs have been placed can ensure that all signs are taken down.
  • Signs still up after 5 business days would receive a courtesy call from Grounds Services to remove the sign promptly.
  • If signs are not removed, Grounds will remove signs for responsible disposal.

All programs happening within the Student Activities Center are open to eligible faculty, staff, and students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age.