RIF / Collaboration

The percent RIF (formerly "collaboration") must total 100%, distributed among project PIs and Co-Is. This information determines the distribution of research infrastructure funds (RIF) and departmental research infrastructure funds (DRIF) which are a return of a portion of indirect costs to support efforts to secure and maintain extramurally funded activities. In short, a corresponding percentage of this money is returned to both your department and you for use to fund future work. 

The percent project contribution must total 100%, distributed among project PIs and Co-Is for the project, and must be greater than or equal to 1% for each individual investigator. This represents the contribution that each investigator will make to the project.

It is based upon an agreement between the project’s PI(s) and Co-I(s) and is used to assign institutional “credit” for the project and research space (through institutional reporting) to individuals/schools/colleges. All PIs and Co-Is should report project contribution whether or not they are scheduled to receive RIF.