Bringing Your Discoveries to Life

The University of Louisville is full-to-bursting with creativity and ideas, some with the power to improve the way we work and live. These new discoveries and innovations are happening all the time in research labs, studios and elsewhere across our campus. 

Innovations can take all forms, from new medical devices to creative works. The Office of Research and Innovation works hand-in-hand with researchers and inventors like you to spread those innovations and discoveries out to the world via technology transfer, guiding them from the lab to the marketplace through licenses, partnerships and new companies. 

At UofL, most technology transfer functions and translational support are handled by the Innovation & Technology Transfer and our Translational Grant Programs team. Startups originating from UofL IP are handled by UofL New Ventures. If you believe you may have an invention, discovery, creation or other protectable idea, we can help you:

UofL uses intellectual property protection to protect ideas and inventions that come out of research. This process is available for a wide range of disciplines, and can cover everything from a new drug or medical device, to software for measuring employee engagement, to creative works, such as a play, composition or manuscript. To learn more, please see our Intellectual Property page.

UofL offers many funding opportunities to help its researchers bridge the gap between lab and marketplace. This includes a suite of prestigious grant-backed translational programs, which we've dubbed the "superfecta." The programs provide infrastructure, advice, resources, networking opportunities, training and funding. Given their shared goals, these programs work together to establish UofL as a world leader in innovation. To learn more, please see our Translational Research Grants page.

The University of Louisville seeks to purposefully commercialize university inventions and discoveries, often by working with an external partner or through the development of an entirely new company. Within the Office of Research and Innovation, the Innovation & Technology Transfer office works with external organizations ranging from international corporations to local startups. The Office of New Ventures also supports startups based on UofL IP.

This can take many forms, from a license to a full-fledged partnership to further develop the technology. Our staff can work with you to find the best path forward.To learn more, please see our licenses and options and startups pages.