Startups and New Ventures

The University of Louisville actively supports the entrepreneurial efforts of our faculty, staff and students. Within the Office of Research and Innovation, the Commercialization EPI-Center works with our creators, as well as external stakeholders, to develop and advance these endeavors.

In many cases, this may mean assisting a member of our faculty, staff or student body to form a startup around intellectual property (IP) protected through the EPI-Center. There are a few requirements that must be met in order for the university to effectively license IP to a startup:

  • The IP must be appropriate to the startup – our team will work alongside the creators of the desired IP to make this determination;
  • The IP must have been properly disclosed. This allows our team to ensure that all 3rd party obligations attached to the IP are properly fulfilled;
  • The startup must have a viable business plan, which will be provided as part of license negotiations;
  • The  startup must have a business person in place who is not the UofL creator as defined by the IP policy. The startup must also be seeking, or already have competent management for the business.

The Office of Research and Innovation is happy to assist our creators in navigating the requirements and process of creating a startup. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have decided to pursue a startup opportunity. The earlier that you , the more we can do to assist you.