Conflicts of Interest

The Conflict of Interest and Commitment (COIC) Office manages conflicts of interest for the University of Louisville. Researchers are required to meet several conditions to ensure research is conflict-free.

Learn more about the conflict of interest (COI) requirements for researchers below. For more information, please visit the COIC Office webpage

Attestation and Disclosure Form

The Attestation and Disclosure Form (ADF), available in iRIS must be completed, at least annually by:

  • All University of Louisville Employees.
  • All individuals participating in research under the auspices of U of L, regardless of compensation.
  • Instructions for completing the form are available on the COI webpage. 

Disclosure Requirements for External Research Participants

External investigators (consultants/collaborators/etc.) named on Public Health Service (PHS), National Science Foundation (NSF), and Department of Energy proposals must have statements submitted to the COIC Office prior to proposal submission if they are not affiliated with organizations that are federally assured and/or not covered under a Subrecipient Commitment Form. Statements are available via the form for proposals. Please see the tip-sheet regarding the investigator descriptions.

Additional requirements are required upon award for all external investigators (consultants/collaborators/etc.) on projects with FCOI PHS or NSF requirements. Contact the COIC Office for assistance.

Research Conflict of Interest Training Course

Completing the ADF training section fulfills the PHS Conflict of Interest Training requirement; however, the Conflict of Interest training Course will also remain available on the CITI training platform. Download the instructions if you want access to the free, online modules.

Research Related Conflict of Interest Tip Sheets 

FAQs, Policies, Procedures, and additional tip sheets are available at the COIC Office webpage.