Principal Investigator Information

Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators ("PIs") are responsible for ensuring adherence to approved IACUC proposals (or "protocols"); compliance with UofL policies and procedures, as well as federal and state regulations and guidelines governing the use of animals; and the humane care and use of animals. PIs may delegate duties to research personnel, but they remain responsible for all aspects of their research projects, including the actions of project participants. Principal Investigators must be UofL faculty or otherwise meet criteria define in applicable University policies (e.g., Research Handbook). By submitting an animal use proposal to the UofL IACUC, Principal Investigators certify the following. PIs leaving UofL are responsible for notifying the IACUC Office or Attending Veterinarian in advance of their departure date to make arrangements for any current IACUC proposals (see IACUC Guidelines for Departing Investigators below). 

I.  Important Considerations for New Investigators
II. Guidelines for Departing Investigators

Important Considerations for New Investigators:

1. Any use of live vertebrate animals for teaching or research, including pilot and/or internally funded research, at the University of Louisville must be submitted through iRIS and approved by the IACUC before the start of related research or teaching activities.

2. You must submit a modification to an IACUC proposal in iRIS and secure IACUC approval BEFORE implementing any changes.

3. You must adhere to IACUC Policies.

4. You should be aware of regulations and guidelines governing the use of animals in research.

5. You must ensure that all laboratory personnel comply with IACUC-required training and are qualified to perform procedures for which they are responsible.

6. You must report any unexpected outcomes or adverse events to the IACUC.

7. You must maintain appropriate records for animals (including anesthesia/surgery records, satellite housing records, breeding colony numbers for annual reporting), controlled substances, and training. 


Guidelines for Departing Investigators 

PIs leaving UofL are responsible for notifying the or Assistant Vice President for Research Services in advance of their departure date to make arrangements for any current IACUC proposals and animals. All IACUC proposals under a departing PI must be closed, and arrangements must be made for the transfer or disposition of animals under the proposal(s) (prior to closure), or the proposal must be transferred to another PI and approved via iRIS (using the add/remove personnel form). 

Per IACUC Policy ("Proposal Review and Approval"), if a PI departs without making prior arrangements, any animals remaining on a departed PI's IACUC proposal(s) will be transferred to the CMRU Holding Protocol and the proposal(s) will be closed within 7 days. Studies may not continue on animals assigned to an IACUC proposal that has been closed. If no prior arrangements were made for the disposition of the animals (export, transfer, or euthanasia), their disposition will be determined by the Attending Veterinarian. All expenses incurred while assigned to the CMRU Holding Protocol still remain the responsibility of the original PI or department. 

At least 60 days prior to departure:

  • Contact the or Assistant Vice President for Research Services via email to inform them of your departure and date of termination.
  • Begin making arrangements for animals on any of your approved IACUC proposals: 
    • If exporting animals to another institution, contact CMRU Import/Export Coordinator  (852-6905). See the CMRU website for further information and the RRF export form. 
    • If transferring animals to another UofL IACUC proposal, use the CMRU's Housing and/or Protocol Transfer Request Form to initiate the transfer process. Note: Animals that have undergone experimental manipulations may not be transferred to another proposal unless the transfer is approved by the IACUC in the original IACUC proposal. 

At least 30 days prior to departure:

  • If transferring your IACUC proposal to another Principal Investigator, the original PI must submit an add/remove personnel form requesting the change (for each proposal) via iRIS for IACUC review and approval. 
Before your termination date:
  • Confirm that all IACUC proposals have been closed or transferred to another PI.
  • Verify that animal disposition (export, transfer, or euthanasia) has been completed.