Redbook Chapter Five

>Staff Organization and Personnel Policies

Article 5.1 The Staff of the University

The staff of the University of Louisville shall consist of all employees of the University who do not hold faculty appointments, are not full-time students enrolled in the University, are not graduate assistants at the University, or are not administrators as defined in Section 2.3.1.

Article 5.2 Appointment of Staff Personnel

All staff appointments and personnel actions shall be made in accordance with the University's Affirmative Action Plan and other appropriate University of Louisville personnel policies and procedures, and in accordance with federal, state, and local fair employment practice laws. The staff shall be represented on all search committees formed to screen and recommend candidates for any staff or administrative position.

Article 5.3 Duties of Staff Personnel

The general duties and minimum entry requirements of staff members shall be those listed in the applicable job specification published by the University Personnel Services. Under extraordinary circumstances as declared by the President, these may be modified.

Article 5.4 Personnel Policies Affecting Staff Members

Sec. 5.4.1 Policy Documents

The personnel policies relating to staff members shall be published in the latest edition of the University of Louisville manual on policies and procedures affecting staff members.

Sec. 5.4.2 Leave of Absence with Pay

It shall be the policy of the University of Louisville to grant, whenever possible, a leave of absence with pay to any professional or administrative staff member who has completed ten years of continuous service with the University in such capacity. Such leave may be granted by the President for up to three months, not more frequently than every five years, on the recommendation of the professional/administrative staff member's immediate supervisor and the Personnel Office.

Sec. 5.4.3 University Promotion Policy for Staff

It shall be the policy of the University actively to encourage staff members to seek promotion in order to retain those staff members whose valuable experiences can further enhance the planned growth and development of the University. In accordance with the University's Affirmative Action Plan, staff members seeking promotion shall be given consideration over other persons not already employed by the University.

Article 5.5 Access and Amendments to Documents

A copy of the latest edition of each existing Job Specification and of each of the personnel policy documents shall at all times be kept in the Office of University Personnel Services, in the University Archives, in each of the University's libraries, and in the Office of the Chair of the Staff Senate and shall be available for inspection or copying by any staff member. Amended or revised Job Specifications will be promptly sent to and will be available in University Personnel Services, the University libraries, and the Office of the Chair of the Staff Senate. The official manual on policies and procedures affecting staff members shall not be revised or amended without prior written notification to the staff of the University through the Office of the Chair of the Staff Senate and appropriate media.

Article 5.6 Work Outside the University

Staff members may perform work outside the University at any time except during their scheduled working hours at the University, provided that such work does not interfere with the staff members' responsibility to the University or violate state regulations.

Article 5.7 University of Louisville Staff Senate

Sec. 5.7.1 Composition and Powers of Staff Senate

There shall be a University of Louisville Staff Senate which shall be the official representative of the staff of the University, and which shall be responsible for eliciting and expressing the opinions, suggestions, and recommendations of the staff on all matters of concern to the staff as a whole. The Staff Senate shall be responsible for continuing review of University policies and documents affecting the staff, and shall make recommendations concerning these matters, whenever appropriate, to the University administration and the Director of University Personnel Services. The Staff Senate shall select all staff representatives to search committees above the unit level and University-wide committees requiring staff representation. The Staff Senate shall operate under a written constitution and bylaws which shall be adopted by the Staff Senate and shall be available for inspection upon request to the Secretary of the Staff Senate. The Chair of the Staff Senate shall be the staff trustee as authorized by statute.

Sec. 5.7.2 Faculty and Student Members

The Faculty and Student Senates shall each select from their respective memberships one ex officio voting member and one ex officio alternate member of the Staff Senate. The alternate member shall have the right of the floor, but shall have no vote unless the voting member from that Senate is absent.

Article 5.8 Staff Grievances and Appeals

Sec. 5.8.1 Filing of Grievance

After first attempting to resolve the problem through informal discussion with the first level supervisor, any staff member directly affected by any condition believed to be unjust, inequitable, or a hindrance to effective performance, may initiate and pursue the grievance or appeal process as provided in the applicable personnel policy document.

Sec. 5.8.2 Staff Grievance Officer

There shall be a Staff Grievance Officer appointed by the President from a list of three or more individuals nominated by the Staff Senate. The Staff Grievance Officer shall be available to consult with staff members in each step of the grievance or appeal process, including initial formulation of the grievance or appeal statement. At no time shall the Staff Grievance Officer become an advocate for or representative of the aggrieved staff member, but rather the Staff Grievance Officer's primary responsibility shall be to seek equitable resolution of the grievance. The Plans and Policies Committee of the Staff Senate shall meet with the President to establish and review the duties and functions, the term and structure of office, and the budgetary arrangements necessary for the effective functioning of the Staff Grievance Officer.

Sect. 5.8.3 Staff Senate Grievance Review Committee

The Staff Senate shall have a Grievance Review Committee whose sole responsibility shall be, whenever requested by the employee, to summarize a staff grievance prior to submission of the grievance to a vice president. In preparing its summary, the Grievance Review Committee shall familiarize itself with the facts surrounding the grievance, shall review all prior proceedings involving the grievance, shall consult with all necessary parties, and shall as a part of its summary submit recommended dispositions and the reasons therefor to the appropriate vice president. The Staff Grievance Officer shall not be a member of the Grievance Review Committee.

Article 5.9 Retirement of Staff

The Board of Trustees shall make available a retirement annuity plan for full-time staff members, after a stated minimum period of service in such capacity. Each retirement annuity contract shall be vested in the individual participant. Staff members will retire under the provisions and conditions set out in Addenda to The Redbook.

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