SOS Position Description

The Student Orientation Staff is looking for qualified students to help complete our dynamic team for the 2021 Orientation Season!

COVID-19 Note: For the Summer 2021 orientation program may contain on campus programming, virtual programming, or a mix of each.  If you apply to be an SOSer you are committing to work the program regardless of format.  We will follow all university, local, state, and federal guidelines in accordance with CDC guidelines.  The health and safety of you, our new students and our entire UofL community is of utmost importance.

Being an SOSer is a great way to grow personally and professionally while helping new students transition to UofL. As an SOSer you will mentor and guide new students through the ins and outs of life as a Cardinal. This position is also a great way to make connections to campus. Become an SOSer: Leave your UofL Legacy!

What is an SOSer?

Time commitment


Important Dates

What is an SOSer?

Each year a group of enthusiastic and responsible undergraduate students are selected to become members of the Student Orientation Staff.   In this capacity, they serve as resources for new students and their families and assist UofL staff with the planning and implementation of orientation.  SOSers are expected to make the Orientation experience an exciting and fun welcome to the UofL community. 

Selection as an SOSer is both a unique honor and rewarding opportunity for personal and professional growth.  Recognized by the university administration and faculty for their contributions, this team of leaders has a significant amount of responsibility as well as many privileges. As a vital member of this dynamic team, SOSers enjoy a memorable experience while providing a valuable service to the University of Louisville.

An SOSer provides assistance to new students and parents:

  • Welcome new students and parents to UofL.
  • Develop a rapport with new students and parents/family members, especially with those in their small groups.
  • Help to make new students feel welcome and get involved with the UofL community.
  • Be accessible and willing to share information with parents and students throughout each orientation session.
  • Prepare and conduct well-organized and thorough small group meetings and/or campus tours for new students and their parents.
  • Serve as an academic and social role model at all times.
  • Complete all logistical tasks as requested by the Orientation staff to ensure the program proceeds smoothly and effectively. Assist presenters at scheduled programs, meetings, and sessions throughout orientation.
  • Maintain regular communications with Orientation supervisors and discuss situations that warrant their attention or action.
  • With a positive attitude, participate in all assigned duties of Orientation fully and take initiative with unanticipated tasks or problems.
An SOSer is an academic role model for new students:
  • Communicate information to students about academic resources and student activities/services available at UofL.
  • Assist students with their understanding of academic requirements. SOSers may assist with course scheduling.
  • Educate students about their responsibilities at UofL by explaining university policies and procedures.
  • Help students understand all logistical information in order to ease their transition into university life.
  • SOSers must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.8 once hired.
To be eligible, each candidate must:
  • exhibit leadership potential
  • exhibit a commitment to the University and orientation program goals
  • adhere to a strong code of ethics
  • exhibit strong interpersonal and group presentation skills
  • demonstrate the ability to work with a diverse group of people, including students, parents, faculty and staff
  • be in good judicial standing at the University
  • have a cumulative UofL GPA of 2.8 or higher by the end of the previous semester before applying and Fall AND Spring semesters once hired.  First semester freshmen must have at least a 3.0 high school GPA to apply.
  • be a current undergraduate student until at least December 2020
  • be enrolled in classes full time through December 2021

  • Failure to complete responsibilities or inappropriate conduct may result in a warning, probation, or removal from staff.

What is the time commitment if I become an SOSer?

Although orientation does not occur until the summer, there are many events and training experiences during the fall and spring semester that SOSers are required to attend. 

On Campus Orientation Plan: SOSers would be required to live in an assigned residence hall mid-May through mid-July, 2021. SOSers will also be required to complete virtual email messages in July and August.  Welcome Week events may also be required. All dates are subject to change with notice. 

Virtual Orientation Plan: SOSers will be required to run programmatic elements of a virtual orientation via Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  This could include but is not limited too: small group meetings, large session moderating, student panels, registration assistance,  and/or virtual tours.  SOSers would NOT be required to stay in Louisville KY for the duration of the job.

General requirements:

  1. Attend alltraining sessions, meetings, skit practices, orientation sessions, etc. (see below) *All Spring 2021 activities through April 1 will be virtual until further notice*
  2. Be punctual for all Orientation activities.
  3. Complete staff assignments and evaluation reports of the Orientation process.
  4. Respond appropriately to feedback and program evaluations.
  5. Respond promptly to communication from orientation supervisors.
  6. Remain flexible at all times. Last minute as well as major programmatic changes may occur at any time.

Program commitments:

SOSers selected for the 2021 summer will be responsible for the following program commitments.  Please discuss any conflicts or questions with Ariel Moore ().

  1. Team Building and Training Days – Every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5 p.m.
  2. Southern Region Orientation Workshop – This orientation conference meets each spring with other orientation leaders across our region.  It is a great way to get fresh ideas for our orientation program. Attendance is mandatory (unless given permission by SOS supervisors-permission will be given on a case by case basis). This year the conference will be virtual but live attendance required April 9-10.  Times TBA.
  3. Training Weeks – Training weeks will begin on Wednesday, May 13th and will lead directly into the first orientation session.  Training weeks include all evenings, some time on weekends (except holidays), and one overnight retreat. If orientation is virtual this will also be virtual training.  Please hold these dates accordingly for now.
  4. Orientation Sessions– Each SOSer will be required to work all freshman orientation dates. See Important Dates for details.
  5. On-Campus Residence Hall – all staff members are required to stay overnight in the designated residence hall during training weeks and the evenings before and during orientation sessions. *Only for on-campus programming option*
  6. Virtual Outreach- In July and August, SOSers will stay connected with students via a Blackboard shell you maintain and will send information each week to their students and respond to questions from the students.  This commitment should take few hours each week for the 6 weeks prior to the first day of classes.
  7. Welcome Week – SOSers are required to work most of the events for this program which occurs the week before classes begin.  Programs are held Wednesday through Sunday, times TBA.  SOSers will be paid hourly for events/hours worked during Welcome Week.

Time Off in the Summer- SOSers will be given a schedule of assigned tasks, but are expected to be available at all times during orientation.  Any time off must be discussed with supervisors in advance.

Outside Employment- Unless arrangements are made ahead of time, no other employment is allowed that would conflict with any orientation commitments. 

Academic Work - SOSers cannot take courses during Summer Session I or Summer Session II.

What are the benefits of being an SOSer?

As a member of the Student Orientation Staff, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the University of Louisville community and share what you love about our campus with incoming students.  SOSers work hard and gain professional and leadership experience along the way.  The Student Orientation Staff has a rich history on UofL’s campus of being a tight-knit group of students who work as a team, support one another, and have an exceptional summer experience while making an impact on the incoming freshman class. 


  1. Each SOSer will be paid on a bi-weekly basis over the course of the summer.  SOSer pay will total $1700.00.beforetaxes and appropriate deductions for fulfilling orientation responsibilities. Compensation for Virtual Outreach and Welcome Week: SOSers will be paid hourly mid-July through Welcome Week responsibilities.
  2. All meals will be provided during Orientation sessions and a few meals during training weeks.
  3. Double Room on-campus will be provided during training and Orientation sessions.
  4. Staff shirts, nametags, and backpacks will be provided.*
  5. Significant leadership experience.
  6. Opportunity for developing professional relationships with faculty, staff and students.

*Note that SOSers will be responsible for providing some elements of their uniform (including your shoes and shorts), personal items for living in the residence hall, and course materials for ECPY 355. SOSers are occasionally responsible for minimal costs associated with driving/carpooling to staff retreats and staff social outings. More details will be provided at a later date, but please if you have any questions or concerns about this preventing your ability to participate in the SOS program.

Important Dates  

Unpaid Events

Date Event

January 14

Interest Session with Peer Mentor Group

January 15-25

New SOSer applications available online

January 20

Interest Session wth Peer Mentor Group

February 1-5

Individual Interviews with Pro Staff

February 8-12

Individual Interviews with Returners

February 2 - April 15

Team Building and Training on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4-5 pm 

April 9-10

Virtual SROW

May 12-14

SOS Training Retreat*

*If in-person

Paid Events 

Date Event
May 14 SOS Move In*
May 14-25 SOS Training Week*
July 18 SOS Move Out*
May 26-July 16 Summer Orientation Sessions (occurring on most MWF, excluding Memorial Day)
Mid-July - First Day of Classes (August 23) Cards Connection Emails (virtual commmitment)

*Dates will remain the same whether virtual OR in-person

Freshman Orientation Dates for Summer 2021

Session # Dates
Session 1 May 26
Session 2 May 28
Session 3 June 2
Session 4 June 4
Session 5 June 7
Session 6 June 9
Session 7 June 11
Session 8 June 14
Session 9 June 16
Session 10 June 18

Session 11

June 21

Session 12

June 23

Session 13

June 25

Session 14

June 28

Session 15

June 30

Session 16

July 2

Session 17

July 9

Session 18

July 12

Session 19

July 14

Session 20

July 16

*Overnight Freshman Orientation in August is also required.