Student Agenda

Day 1

7:30 am      Check-in Opens at Strickler Hall Quad

8:15 am      Opening Activities

9:00 am      Welcome Program

9:35 am      Financial Aid and Bursar's Office

10:00 am    Faculty Expectations

10:15 am    First Year Initiatives

10:35 am    Campus Community and Responsibility

11:10 am    Academic Unit Meetings

12:15 pm    Lunch (including University Business Fair)

1:30 pm      Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement

2:00 pm      Campus Health Services

2:40 pm      REACH: Academic Assistance Programs

3:20 pm      Student Breakout Session A

3:45 pm      Student Breakout Session B

4:10 pm      Student Breakout Session C

4:35 pm      Student Breakout Session D

5:00 pm      Small Group Meeting

5:25 pm      University Freshman Picture

5:30 pm      Dinner (Residence Hall Tours available)

6:45 pm      "The Real World" Evening Program and Education Sessions

9:00 pm      Evening Entertainment Options

10:30 pm    Closing Activities


Day 2

7:15 am      Math Placement Testing (If student did not take before arrival)

7:45 am      Morning Regroup

8:00 am      Breakfast

8:40 am      Morning Welcome

8:50 am      University Technology Overview

9:15 am      Academic Advising (Group A) / The Cardinal Life (Group B)

11:10 am    Academic Advising (Group B) / The Cardinal Life (Group A)

1:00 pm     Lunch and Card Expo (RSO Fair)

2:00 pm     Class Registration and Housing Check-out

**Please do not make travel arrangements prior to 4 pm or book plane departures prior to 5 pm.  There is no way to know how long your class registration process will take before that day.  Contact the Orientation Office at 502.852.7276 with any questions.**