What Is An Institute?

What IAn Institute? 

While making music and making friends, students are motivated by new approaches to learning and the joy of sharing music performance with others. Suzuki students, accompanied by the person they practice with at home, participate in three-to-four classes each day, depending on their playing level. Advanced Students, traditional and Suzuki, have five classes each day. The week-long Institute improves playing ability through focused attention on technique and musicality, in an educational and fun environment for students, families and teachers. Optional enrichment classes and student solo performances are also available.   

All students will perform on Friday, June 14, in the afternoon concert. Students also have the opportunity to perform on the daily afternoon recitals. Adult supervision of all students is required at all times. Preparation of review pieces and any additional repertoire is required prior to Institute. Teachers and others with no students registered in the Institute are invited to observe for a fee of $20.00 per day.