Institute Programs


Pre-Twinkler & Twinkler Program: HALF DAY PROGRAM
This program is for beginner students are working on the Twinkle variations or still doing pre-twinkle work. Pre-Twinklers & Twinklers receive daily individual instruction, two group classes plus Music & Movement (4-7yo).

Books 1-3 Suzuki Program:
Students in this program will be placed in classes with other students at a similar book level based on their most recently polished pieces. These students receive four classes each day, consisting of a Master class (four students per class); a Technique group class; a Performance group class; and Orchestra, or Music & Movement (4-7 yo).

Books 4+ Suzuki Program:
Students in this program will attend a minimum of four classes each day, consisting of a Master class (three students per class), a Technique group class, a Performance group class, and an Orchestra. Optional electives are available to register for. 

Book 6+ Program (both Suzuki and Traditional students):
All students in this program will have five hours of class each day, including master class, technique, performance, orchestra, and workshop sessions (i.e. how to practice, violin making, and instrument maintenance, etc.)

Advanced Program (both pre-collegiate and college students):
Advanced participants (Suzuki Book 7+ or equivalent) receive daily lessons, technique classes, seminars on practicing, performance psychology, and master classes.

Non-Suzuki Program:
The Suzuki Institute and Advanced Violin Summit welcomes students from any background of instruction. Non-Suzuki students will receive individual lessons, technique classes, orchestra sectionals, orchestra rehearsals and performances, and as well as solo performance opportunities.


Semi-private Class: Students meet daily with a private teacher, each student receiving individualized instruction. Students should be prepared to play their most recent polished piece in the first class. Students stay for the entire class to learn from each other’s lessons.

Technique Group Class: Students focus on the technical aspects of playing, such as posture, tone, intonation, review, and practice techniques.

Performance Group Class: Students focus on polishing pieces from the Institute repertoire for performance, focusing on musicality and phrasing.


Students will be assigned to an orchestra according to their age, reading ability and previous orchestra experience.