Music Theory


Although each student must play or sing a performance audition for the School of Music, theory majors also audition by submitting a portfolio. The successful music theory applicant will submit a portfolio containing three items:

(1)  An essay of 500 words or more about a piece of music. This can be an analysis, a set of program notes, or a description of what you like about the piece.

(2)  One of the following: a composition (either stylistic or original; please send score and recording), a melody harmonization for four voices, a figured bass realization, or a 2-voice mixed species counterpoint example.

(3)  A short essay (100-200 words) detailing why you want to study music theory.

The portfolio may be submitted either electronically (preferred) or in paper form. Portfolios can be emailed to The application portfolio is due on or before February 1.