Minor in Music

The Minor in Music is a program option for those students who have actively pursued and studied music prior to attending college. It will allow for the opportunity to continue their music study at a serious level, while focusing on a career in a different area.

The Minor in Music requires twenty-one (21) credit hours. The core requirements are:

Music Theory as determined by placement exam - 4 hours
Piano Class - 1 hour
Music in Western Civilization - 3 hours
Applied Study - 4 hours
Recital Attendance - 0 hours
Two semesters of ‘S’ credit

An additional nine (9) credit hours of study are to be selected from MUS, MUH, and/or MUTH courses. Up to four (4) hours of major ensemble and two (2) hours of minor ensembles can be applied. A maximum of four (4) additional semesters of applied study can be applied.

Students wishing to pursue a Minor in Music are required to audition and interview to obtain approval from the School of Music.

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