Computer Based Training

The music theory core curriculum uses computer-based training for musicianship skills. All students in the theory core are required to purchase and install training software on their personal computers; both Windows (PC) and OS X (Mac) platforms are supported. Follow the steps below to purchase and install the software.

1. Contact the UofL Music Theory faculty, musictheory (at) louisville (dot) edu, to register and receive a username, password, and school code; these are required for purchasing and using the software.

2. Visit the Rising Software online store to purchase the Student Cloud License Bundle for Auralia and Musition; the price of this package is currently $49 for a twelve-month license.

3. Use the given links to download both applications, Auralia and Musition, for your operating system (Mac/OS X or Windows).

4. Once these two files have been downloaded, your browser may automatically begin the install process; if not, please find and double-click the files that you have downloaded.

5. Launch (double-click) the installed Auralia or Musition software (either one); when prompted, enter your username, password, and school code.

      Fundamentals test

      Once you have installed Auralia and Musition, you may proceed to take the fundamentals test. There are two separate parts of the test—one in Auralia and one in Musition—and both must be taken for the fundamentals test to be considered complete.

      1. Launch Auralia or Musition.
      2. Click the “Start Test” button in the top menu; select the test name “UofL Fundamentals Test.”
      3. When the test is completed, launch the other application (Auralia or Musition) and take the other test.

      Help with purchasing or installation

      Further information may be found through the following links:


      1. What if I don’t own a personal computer?

      Workstations in the Computer Music Lab, room LL28, have Auralia and Musition installed. Because your information is stored online, your work results will be available wherever you use Auralia/Musition. You may combine at-home and in-lab work as well.

      2. Will Auralia/Musition work on my iPad or Android device?

      No; the software operates only on OS X (Mac) or Windows systems.