Advanced Standing

Entering undergraduate music majors who have completed a significant amount of music theory study—for example, an AP course or a separate college course—may want to apply for advanced standing in the music theory core curriculum. Advanced standing means that you exempt one of more courses in the core curriculum and move directly into a higher level course.

To register for the advanced standing exam, please contact the music theory department at musictheory. The exam is typically given on the Friday before the first week of classes in the fall semester. If you would like to take these tests, then complete and submit the enclosed form so that we may contact you with the schedule.

We generally encourage students to experience the entire music theory core sequence; each course builds on the skills and knowledge developed in the previous course, and our curriculum may differ from a curriculum of another institution. Still, for the exceptionally prepared student, advanced standing may be appropriate.

AP Music Theory and Advanced Standing

Students who have made 5 on both subscores of the AP Music Theory exam do not need to take the advanced standing exam; these students are permitted to enroll in Theory III during their first semester.