Vital Remnants: A Great Books Online Education Project

The McConnell Center invites the community to further their consideration of great books and ideas through our great books challenge and companion Vital Remnants podcast series. Featured works in our project include: 

  • Machiavelli's The Prince
  • Plato's Republic

McConnell Center Director Dr. Gary Gregg discusses the vision of Vital Remnants on this podcast (available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play).

Our Challenge to You

Grab a copy of the book (we recommend these editions: Bloom's edition of The Republic of Plato and Mansfield's edition of The Prince), and check out our companion reading guides for notable sections, questions to consider and a manageable reading timeline for you to directly consider the text.

Vital Remnants Podcast

    Next, subscribe to our Vital Remnants podcast and join McConnell Center Director Gary Gregg as he guides listeners through targeted sections of these great books.

    "Whether you are looking for help in reaching a long-abandoned reading goal, interested in life-long learning, or looking for meaningful leadership and life lessons, Vital Remnants from our shared past await to inspire, encourage and teach us today—just as they changed the world we have inherited," Gregg said.


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