Podcast & Monthly Reading Guide

Dr. Gary L. Gregg, II

An Integrated Approach to Understanding the Federalist & Anti-Federalist Debates

The McConnell Center offers a monthly podcast and companion reading guide series to help readers consider how themes from the book relate to contemporary political and social challenges.

Podcast & Monthly Reading Guide

  • In the center's Vital Remnants (Season 4) podcast series, book editor Gary Gregg focuses on how core themes in Reflection and Choice relate to challenges of the 21st century.
  • Each episode considers one or two sections from the book, covering an average of 48 pages per month.
  • Our corresponding reading guide provides discussion prompts and questions that focus on both Federalist and Anti-Federalist perspectives.
  • Listen for free on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Libsyn.
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Episode 4.1: Introduction to the Debates

Episode 4.2: On Union, Disunion, & The Extended Republic (Part 1)

Episode 4.3: On Union, Disunion, & The Extended Republic (Part 2)

Episode 4.4: On International Trade and Commerce

Episode 4.5: On the Defects in the Articles of Confederation

Episode 4.6: On Standing Armies & Militias

Episode 4.7: On Taxation & Concurrent Powers

Episode 4.8: On Federalism & the Nature of the Union (Part 1)

Episode 4.9: On Federalism & the Nature of the Union (Part 2)

Episode 4.10: On Separation of Powers & Checks and Balances

Episode 4.11: On the House of Representatives & On Elections: Times, Places, & Manners

Episode 4.12: On the Senate

Episode 4.13: On the Presidency (Part 1)

Episode 4.14: On the Presidency (Part 2)

Episode 4.15: On the Judiciary

Episode 4.16: On a Bill of Rights & Final Thoughts