Student Spotlight: Alexis Ecarma

Student Spotlight: Alexis Ecarma

Photo of Alexis throwing her L

We are pleased to shine the spotlight on one of our 2021 Lewis Scholars, Alexis Ecarma! 

Alexis, a junior at UofL, is an accomplished young woman. Committed to her church, classwork, jobs, and friendships, Alexis is a star in our program. She is a Philosophy major, as well as pursuing an Individualized Major entitled "Immigration Law" with minors in Latin American and Latino Studies, Spanish, English Literature, and Political Science. She is a Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences at UofL and is planning on pursuing a JD upon completion of her undergraduate studies. 

Alexis is also involved in a myriad of opportunities outside of the classroom. She has worked at Starbucks as a shift supervisor for over a year and a barista for a year and a half before that. She leads worship at her church and translates songs into Spanish to reach the multiethic nature of the congregation. She is also currently serving as a Legal Intern at a local immigration law firm. There she is honing her Spanish skills by translating affidavits and other legal documents, her community relations through conducting research, and legal abilities through organzing inactive cases and composing statements for active ones. 

This fall Alexis plans on studying abroad through the SIT program called "Migration, Borders, and Transnational Communities" highlighting her Spanish skills, interest in immigration and law, and studies in Latin American and Latino Studies. For this, through the kindness of the Lewis Scholars program, Alexis has been awarded a scholarship to support her endeavours to study abroad. 

We consider ourselves absolutely lucky to have Alexis as one of our students.