****Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 LALS Courses Offered****

LALS 200-50 (HCD1): Exploring Latin America
 National Identity in Puerto Rico

*Distance Education Course in Latin American and Latino Studies for Summer 2020 (May 11-June 1)* 

This course examines the contribution of literature and cultural production to the discourses of national identity in Puerto Rico. It provides students with the framework to understand the debates about the racial and gendered component of the identity by exposing them to theorizations of the nation-building process. Particular emphasis is given to the ways in which literature creates an image of a national community that excludes important sectors of the population and how alternative visions of the nation emerge to contest the official/canonical discourse. Students will critically assess how the politics race, class, and gender as well as the struggle over national symbols define or challenge official identities.

 LALS 200 Summer 2020

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LALS 200-50 (HCD1): Latin American Women Writers

*Distance Education Course in Latin American and Latino Studies for Fall 2020*

This course provides an overview of Latin American women writers from the colonial period to the present. Its purpose is to consider how texts written by women reflect or resist the traditional representation of the women in Latin American literature and culture. The canonical depiction of women will be discussed as part of the lectures. Emphasis will be given to the following issues: women as writer, the cult of domesticity, gender and nation, gender, race and sexual politics, and the body as a site of resistance.

 LALS 200 Fall 2020

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LALS 311-50 (CD1): Introduction to Latino Studies

*Distance Education Course in Latin American and Latino Studies for Fall 2020*

This course provides an introduction to Latino Studies focuses on the history of Latinos in the United States, their struggles for equal citizenship, and their contributions to American culture. The course explores U.S. Latino literature and film as a reflection on the migration process, as well as the historic, political, and economic reasons behind the continuous migration of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans, and Central Americans to the United States.

LALS 311 Fall 2020

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For more information about any of these courses, please contact Dr. Brenda Ortiz-Loyola at brenda.ortizloyola@louisville.edu or Dr. Rhonda Buchanan at rhondabuchanan@louisville.edu.