Lewis Fund and Modern Languages Fund

Applications for the Lewis Fund and the Modern Languages Fund are now open!

The Richard B. & Constance L. Lewis Educational Scholarship award is presented to full-time students pursuing a graduate degree in Spanish or an undergraduate with a declared major or minor in Spanish on a competitive basis. This scholarship can be used to assist with educational expenses including, but not limited to tuition, books or costs associated with study abroad.  Preference will be given to students who have NOT previously been awarded the Lewis Award.


The Modern Languages Fund was established in 1984 by Betty and David A. Jones to enhance foreign language learning at the University of Louisville by  subsidizing overseas travel and residency in locations where students will benefit from total immersion in the language they are studying. To be eligible for an MLF award, students need to have completed 12 hours of the language, or the equivalent, prior to departure.

Complete information and application instructions can be found at louisville.edu/languages/scholarships