Scholarships & Awards

Before applying for any scholarships, please note the following: 

The sum of all institutional aid received cannot exceed the  university’s total standard direct cost of attendance plus a stipend. Items in the standard direct cost include regular on-campus tuition charges*, average room**, average board***, and average book costs***. For more information regarding the University stacking/overaward policy, please visit the Financial Aid website

Department of Classical & Modern Languages Scholarships & Awards 


Language Studies Scholarships (Whitaker Language Studies Scholarship)
Study Abroad Scholarships
(Modern Languages Fund, Student Travel Award, Whitaker Language Studies Scholarship, German Study Abroad Scholarship)

Spanish Scholarships (Lewis Education Fund)
French Scholarships (Mary Jo Fink Award)

Other Scholarships 

External Study Abroad Scholarships
National & International Scholarships & Fellowships
College of Arts & Sciences Scholarships
Latin American and Latino Studies Scholarships 
University Scholarships
University of Louisville Financial Aid Office