Language Requirement

Language Requirement for Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science and SPHIS Students

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree requires students to reach an intermediate level of study for a single foreign language. Bachelor of Science (BS) students and students in the School of Public Health and Information Sciences (SPHIS) require study of a foreign language for two complete semesters. To fulfill this requirement students can take classes in one of the ten languages offered by the Department of Classical & Modern Languages. Please refer to the charts below to determine which course you need to meet your degree requirement. 




BS Arts and Sciences

SPHIS Students

BA Students- Arts and Sciences
Arabic ARAB 122 or higher ARAB 123 or higher
American Sign Language ASL 102 or higher ASL 202 or higher
Chinese CHNS 102 or higher CHNS 202 or higher
French FREN 122 or higher FREN 201 or higher
German GERM 122, 141 or higher GERM 123, 142 or higher
Greek & Latin GR or LAT 102 or higher GR or LAT 202 or higher
Japanese JAPN 102 or higher JAPN 202 or higher
Spanish SPAN 122, 141 or higher SPAN 123 or higher

*Hours are approximate

Students Who Have Not Previously Studied a Language

Students who have no previous knowledge of a foreign language will meet the language requirement by taking classes with the Department of Classical & Modern Languages. Students may choose to take classes in one of eight languages. For students who have no prior study or experience with French or Spanish languages, they can request an override of the placement exam by emailing Dr. Greg Hutcheson at . For more information about different languages offered by the Department of Classical & Modern Languages, please visit this link.

Students will need to start with the first semester and continue until they have fulfilled the requirement for their degree program.

Students who Speak Languages Other than English (ACTFL)

Students who are native speakers of a language other than English may be able to fulfill the language requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences by testing out via the ACTFL OPI Exam

Spanish Heritage Learners

NOTE: If you are a Heritage learner, that is you learned Spanish at home, you should not take this exam without first consulting with , Director of the Heritage Language Program.

Students who are heritage learners of Spanish can be placed into Spanish heritage courses. The Spanish Heritage Track has been created to help bilingual students expand their Spanish skills and knowledge of their cultural heritage in a rich, confidence-building environment. The mission of the program is to promote Spanish language development and maintenance in the target language. We believe that every heritage student has rich linguistic resources and cultural understandings that are welcome and nourished in the classroom context.

Students who participate in the program will benefit in the following ways: 

  1. Use Spanish confidently in their home, work, or community. 
  2. Find more connections with friends and colleagues in the Spanish-speaking world. 
  3. Improve their writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking skills in Spanish. 

Ready to learn more?  Please click here or email .

Students with Previous Study in a Second Language

Students who have had some formal study in a foreign language have several paths to meeting the language requirement. Some students who take foreign language in high school may fulfill the requirement via Advanced Placement creditIB credit or the STAMP 4S Exam.

Students who did not take a test in high school may also be able to place into a second semester course or higher by taking the Placement Exam.  They may also fulfill the language requirement by taking the CLEP Exam. 

**Placement Exams**

A Placement exam is used to place students into the appropriate level of a language course. The exam may be taken in the following languages: Arabic, American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and SpanishIn order to be placed at the appropriate level, all students who have studied Spanish and French in high school will be required to take the Placement Exam.  Students who have prior study in our other languages are encouraged to take the placement as so they can begin in the best course for them.  All students who take the Placement Exam and the course they placed in could qualify for language creditTo learn how to take the Placement exam, you can either click on the exam link or reach out to the contact listed below.



Please consult with for Arabic placement
American Sign Language

Email or call 502-852-4607


Placement Test

(Once you have completed the exam, please contact to discuss your placement)

French WebCAPE Exam
German WebCAPE Exam

Placement Test

(Once you have completed the exam, please contact

Latin University of Louisville Testing Services Center
Spanish as a Second Language WebCAPE Exam
Spanish as a Heritage Language

Students should consult first with Dr. Samia Mathew

Application for Language Credits

Students who take the placement exam and take courses based on their placement may qualify for language credits.  If you have been advised to apply for language credit, please click here.