Careers in Languages

Opportunities for people with knowledge of a foreign language are increasing. The advisors and the Placement Office, Robbins Hall, 852-6701, can give you advice. Here are some possibilities:


Diplomat; translator, interpreter (US or UN); court interpreter; CIA; FBI linguist, special agent; Peace Corps; VISTA; Agency for International Development; State Department; Government research specialist; Immigration and Naturalization Service; Bureau of Narcotics; Armed forces; Department of Treasury; Foreign Claims Settlement Commission; Office of Economic Opportunity; agricultural specialist; all levels of government in areas with large immigrant population.

Social Service

Law enforcement; welfare; health services; income tax consultant; missionary, minister; nursing; medical research writer; vocational counselor; case worker.


Teacher; translator; editor; textbook author.


Librarian in U.S., overseas; translator; classifier of foreign documents.

Scientific Fields

Technical writer, translator; researcher; technical liaison for U.S. firms abroad; archaeology; museum work; medicine.

Travel and Tourism

Travel agent; tour guide; hotel, restaurant employee; flight attendant; airport personnel.


International law, banking; U.S. representative for foreign company; patent attorney; representative for U.S. firm abroad; foreign branch of U.S. firm; advertising, sales, fashion buyer; marketing; executive or manager; technical expert; personnel manager; Public Relations; secretarial and clerical opportunities; import-export firms; brokerage firms; banks; medical organizations; service, cultural organizations.


Journalism: foreign correspondent, photographer, writer, editor; TV or radio writer, reporter, technician, executive; CNN, network reporter, video crew; Voice of America writer, editor; translator; advertiser for ethnic, foreign markets; film, entertainment; interpreter; international telephone operator.