ACTFL OPI Exam - What is it?

ACTFL OPI Oral Proficiency exam allows students who speak a language other than English to take an oral examination online. Beginning November 2022, the FLATS exam and foreign language waiver will be replaced by this exam.  The ACTFL exam tests over 120 languages and can be taken online.

Who Should Take the ACTFL OPI Exam?

The ACTFL OPI exam can be taken by any student who speaks a language other than English and would like to fulfill their language requirement and earn language credits.  A rating of Intermediate low or higher on this test will give you 12 hours of lower-level language credit.  Students who achieve this rating prior to Summer 2023 will receive credit for ML 121, ML 122, ML 221.  Beginning in the Summer 2023 term students will receive ML 121, ML 122 and ML 123 credit.  This will satisfy the language requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences.  If you are student in another unit, please check with your advisor. 

How Do I Register for the Exam?

Before you begin this test, you should read through the detailed instructions on how to register by clicking here. You can register for the exam by going to the ACTFL testing website here.

How Much Does It Cost?

Total cost is $165.  This includes OPI Exam cost at $145 and the Web-Based Proctoring-Examity cost of $20. 

How Do I Get My Test Results?

All ACTFL OPI test results will be automatically reported to the Department of Classical and Modern Languages.  There is no need to order an official copy of the results; however, you can request the certification when registering. The test results take 5-10 business days and you will receive an email when your test has been rated.

Where Can I Find Out More About the Test?

You can find lots of great information about the ACTFL OPI exam by clicking here

What If I Have Issues With the Exam?

 ACTFL has customer support by phone 1-800-486-8444, Option 1 or by email at . You can also reach out to us at .