Heritage Language Program

About the Program

¡Bienvenidos al Programa de Español como Lengua de Herencia!

This Spanish Heritage Track is designed for students who have a close connection to the Spanish language and the Hispanic culture. Our goal is to help students to strengthen and expand the Spanish skills and knowledge of their cultural heritage in a supportive, confidence-building environment that understands heritage learners’ specific needs.

The mission of the program is to support heritage students in order to promote, celebrate, and maintain the rich linguistic resources and cultural understanding that heritage students can bring into the classroom. And, ¡muy importante! our classroom is a safe place where there is a clear understanding of the linguistic characteristics that combine informal Spanish codes learned at home and those that are expected in more formal contexts.

Benefits of the Program

Students who participate in the program will benefit in the following ways:

  • Increasing their confidence when using Spanish in their home, work, or community.
  • Finding more connections with friends and colleagues in the Spanish-speaking world as well as with relatives from the country of their heritage.
  • Improving their writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking skills in Spanish.
  • Completing a minor with as few as 18 credit hours!

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