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Samia Mathew holds a PhD in Spanish from Temple University. She earned an MA in Spanish at Temple University as well. Apart from her academic journey at Temple University, Dr. Mathew obtained an MA in Modern Languages with emphasis on translation from Universidad de Los Andes in Mérida, Venezuela and an MBA from the Rubel School of Business at Bellarmine University. 

Her areas of interest and research involve the teaching of Spanish as a second, foreign and heritage language. Her academic preparation comprises an interdisciplinary background mostly involving linguistics, the Hispanic culture, Spanish literature and leadership.

Before relocating to Louisville in 2012, Dr. Mathew served as coordinator of Spanish courses at the University of Pennsylvania and coordinator of the LASS (Latin America Studies Semester) program at Temple University. Currently, she is the director of the Heritage Language Program in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages at the University of Louisville.

PhD Dissertation:

 “Written Discourse Production of Bilingual Learners of Spanish: A Comparison between Heritage and Non-Heritage Speakersas a Look to the Future of Heritage Language Teaching”

 MA Dissertation:

 “An Approach to the Poetry Translation Process Through the Life and Work of Emily Dickinson”