Social Media

Starting a new channel

Any group or person associated with the Department who would like to start a social media channel will need to go through the required steps below. The requirements help make sure that there are no duplicate channels created, any channels that are created are consistent with the Department "branding," and access is not lost if/when the person managing the channel should not be able to continue in that role. 


1. Do a search or contact the Program Coordinator to see if there are any channels that may have already been created for your program. If there are none, review the Social Media Best Practices Guide to help create your social media plan. 

2. Email our Chair your social media plan and request approval before creating any accounts. Your social media plan should include the following 

  • Number of Accounts you are looking to create 
  • Goal of Account(s) 
  • Name(s) of Account(s)
  • Intended Audience 
  • Amount of time allotted for social media post creation
  • Name(s) of faculty responsible for running the account(s)

3. Once our Chair gives final approval of your social media plan, create your account(s) and send the Program Coordinator an email with a link to your channel(s) and the name of the person responsible for managing the accounts to be added to our social media master list. 

4. Please ensure that at least two CML Department members are administrators on the account(s). This helps us continue to have access to the account(s) even if someone were to leave the Department. You may add the Program Coordinator as the second person on the account if there is no one else available. 

5. To help keep Department social media channels consistent, please use the following format for your page name and handle: 

  • Page Name: Spanish at UofL / German at UofL 
  • Handle: UofLSpanish / UofLGerman / UofLFrench 

The name and handle may differ if the page is for an event, club, etc. 

6. Please identify the page as part of the Classical & Modern Languages Department anywhere on the page that allows for a description. 

  • Sample Language: Welcome to the Spanish Program at UofL! The program is part of the Classical & Modern Languages Department. Our FB page is meant to keep students & alumni up to date on our events and opportunities.