Classics (Greek & Latin)

The study of the Classical world and of the Greek and Latin languages in particular has constituted the foundation of western education since its inception. Studying Greek and Latin opens up an illuminating window onto the past and gives us a unique perspective on who we are today - because nearly everything in our language, culture, and society has been molded and shaped by the influence of ancient Greeks and Romans. The words we use, the legal and political system we have, the literary and cultural forms and norms we employ are all deeply indebted to their Classical progenitors. Students of Greek and Latin get to see those origins directly and without any filter. In addition, studying these languages provides a distinctive educational experience which students throughout the millennia have found intellectually deepening, academically broadening and highly beneficial to their personal development. Studying Greek and Latin truly is education, in the etymological and classical sense of the word. 

The Classical languages minor gives students the opportunity of combining both Greek and Latin classes in a programmatic way, along with other non-language courses focusing on the ancient Classical world.