Spring 2010

What is expected from Spring 2010 FLC-CT participants?

Participants will meet for a series of group sessions to promote learning, discussion, and support in a multidisciplinary and collegial community. Individual consultations and coaching to supplement the group work will be available before & after the FLC-CT semester.

Specific FLC-CT expectations include:

  • Attend the opening FLC-CT luncheon, attend five out of six of the scheduled meetings and discussions during the Spring 2010 FLC-CT timeline, and fully participate in all FLC-CT sessions including completing readings and related tasks.
  • Explore and implement "best practices" in integrating i2a and mapping the Paul-Elder critical thinking framework into their course design, or in the redesign of a specific assignment.
  • Develop strategies for intentionally and purposefully incorporating and modeling critical thinking in learning experiences, including "Think-Aloud" protocol.
  • Create multiple, diverse, novel opportunities for students to practice critical thinking skills including the use of "real world experiences."
  • Develop and implement individual goals and/or outcomes for the FLC-CT.
  • Submit electronically and share examples (before and after) of instructional materials (e.g., revised syllabus) throughout the FLC-CT as requested.
  • Consult individually about teaching and learning goals in Spring 2010 with i2a team members at least once between December 11, 2009 and January 8, 2010.
  • Serve as an i2a advocate within home units and within the U of L community upon completion of the FLC-CT. This may include presentations to the unit, Task Group, future FLC-CT groups, i2a Institute and other events.

What is the timeline for the Spring 2010 i2a FLC-CT?

September 2009
Friday September 18 - Launch Call for Nominations
Wednesday, September 30 - FLC-CT Information Session
October 2009
Friday, October 16 - FLC-CT Information Session
November 2009
Tuesday, November 3 - FLC-CT Information Session
Thursday, November 12 - Nominations due to i2a FLC-CT Selection Committee by noon
December 2009
Wednesday, December 2 - i2a FLC-CT Selection Committee meets
Friday, December 4 - Spring 2010 FLC-CT Cohort is announced
Friday, December 11 - FLC-CT Opening Luncheon
December 2009 - January 2010
Friday, December 11 thru Friday, January 8 - Individual Consultations with i2a team members
January 2010 - April 2010
Periodic Friday sessions. See Nomination Form for dates
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