Everyday Bias Workshop for the Health Professions

Everyone has bias. It’s part of our human nature, a survival mechanism. The challenge comes when you aren’t aware of the impact unconscious bias has on your relationships and interactions with others. The key to practicing conscious awareness is developing your capacity to identify invisible assumptions and patterns of thinking.

The Association of American Medical Colleges partnered with Cook Ross Inc to develop a course on unconscious bias for health professions audiences. Facilitators from the HSC Office of Diversity and Inclusion were trained to deliver this evidence-based workshop to student, faculty, and staff audiences.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Explore the science and research of unconscious bias
  • Identify how bias and the processes of the unconscious mind can impact critical healthcare decisions and results
  • Become aware of your own background, and its impact on your perceptions so you are better able to advocate for inclusion within your organization
  • Apply new strategies for practicing more conscious awareness individually and organizationally


The standard time for this interactive session is 2-hours. However, our trained facilitators will work with you to accommodate time and content needs.

To learn more or request a workshop, please contact the Health Sciences Center Office of Diversity and Inclusion at hscodi@louisville.edu .