HSJS Scholar Projects

Current Scholar Projects

Lisa Anakwenze, School of Medicine

Project Title: Caged Bird: Bluelining & Medicine 


Noela Botaka, School of Medicine

Project Title: Exploration of Pre-Medical Undergraduate Student Holistic Identity Development


Fatai Olorunsola, School of Medicine

Project Title: "Developing a Pediatric Pandemic Network (PPN) in the Louisville Community”

Project Description: The specific aim is to establish an infrastructure to accomplish PPN parity-related goals within the Louisville Metro area by creating a local network with UL hospitals and community-based and community driven organizations to engage children and families from historically marginalized groups. The ultimate goal is to engage Louisville based community action teams and community-based organizations in an ongoing feedback process allowing for the rapid performance and dissemination of research and research ideas.


Aravia Patterson, School of Public Health and Information Sciences

Project Title: "Sex in the Dark:" Exploring Adolescents' Sexual Decision-Making During An Era of Abortion Bans

Project Description: This project will explore Black female adolescents' understand of sexual and reproductive health and rights in our current political climate. Additionally, this project will seek to understand how the current abortion bans are influencing their sexual decision-making.


Sierra Shockley, School of Medicine

Project Title: Pulmonary Prevalence- A Closer Examination of Pulmonary Pathologies and Environmental Conditions

Project Description: The study will examine the prevalence of pediatric pulmonary diagnosis within specific zip codes in the Greater Louisville Area.

Completed Scholar Projects

Cohort 5

Adrienne Smith, School of Public Health and Information Sciences

Project Title: Understanding the Sexual Health Needs of Formerly Incarcerated Men

Project Description: This project conducted twenty in depth interviews with justice-involved men residing in KY, OH, IN, TN, WV, and IL to assess sexual health needs and experiences related to engagement in HIV preventative care/behaviors post-release.


Toluwanimi Olajuyigbe, School of Nursing

Project Title: Photovoice Project on Barriers and Facilitators to Transition Readiness among Young Adults with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)

Project Description: Using photography and group discussions to explore the experiences, thoughts, and perspectives of young adults with sickle cell disease in relation to their needs and resources.


Cohort 6

Briana Craddock, School of Nursing

Project Title: Hypertension Management Improvement in African Americans through Faith Based Educational Group Intervention

Project Description: This project’s purpose is to distinguish how a faith-based hypertension self management educational program would improve patient-driven activities corresponding to the management of hypertension within the African American community. Participants will complete a pre-and post-test that is comprised of the Hypertension Self-Care Activity Level Effects Scale (H-Scale), Self-Transcendence Scale, and Spiritual Perspective Scale before and after participating in several educational group sessions at a local church.


Kofi Amoh-Mensah, School of Nursing

Project Title:Raising Awareness of Benefits of Food Donations to Non-Profits among West Louisville Food Retailers

Project Description: Food insecurity, which disproportionately affects individuals of minority status (i.e., Hispanic/Latino, Black/African American).Food donation and distribution sites are an important solution to the rising rates of food insecurity in Jefferson County. However, these sites are dependent upon donations. While food donation immunity laws at both the federal and state level provide protection from litigation following food donation, many food retailers are unaware of this protection as well as the tax benefits of these laws. This study aims to increase west Louisville food retailers’ donations to non-profit organizations.


Cohort 7

Toluwani E. Adekunle, School of Public Health and Information Sciences

Project Title:Understanding Trust and Cervical Cancer Screening among Black Women

Project Description: This study utilized principles of participatory action research and qualitative methods of semi-structured interviews and auto-photography. A CAB will be created consisting of members of the target population and other stakeholders in the community. The CAB will be integral in the co-creation of knowledge. The inclusion criteria for this study is U.S. Black women, who identify as African American by ethnicity, live in the Louisville Metro area, and are between the age of 21-65 years. Purposive sampling will be used for recruiting study participants. Data will be collected until saturation in findings is attained. The data analysis method that will be used for the SSIs is the Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). The photographs will be analyzed using interpretive thematic analysis.