With a focus on social justice and service to diverse communities, the Kent School of Social Work offers a great choice for your career and the dual MSSW/MA degree encourages your interest in interdisciplinary studies. Health Care Ethics is an inherently interdisciplinary field, located principally at the intersection of philosophy, the law, and the health care professions, such as clinical medicine and nursing, but drawing as well from social science disciplines as diverse as sociology, clinical psychology, and social work. Extend your impact with a specialization that touches people's lives with support for those asking the toughest questions - from birth through dying.


Students who participate in the dual program can reduce the aggregate credit hour requirement by 18 hours and earn both degrees in approximately three calendar years - resulting in cost and time savings. Financial aid may be available through the Kent School and dual degree students are eligible to be considered for our Graduate Assistantship.

Application Process

A student planning to pursue both degrees must submit separate applications and must be admitted to both the Kent School of Social Work and the Graduate School. Application materials need not be submitted twice, but in order to be considered for the dual degree program candidates must still complete an application to the Graduate School. This includes a new 2-4 page personal statement answering the question: “Why have you decided to pursue a dual degree which focuses on Health Care Ethics?” Completed applications should be received before the November 15th deadline.


Careful curriculum planning is required for this dual degree, so students will work closely with advisors from both schools. The Kent School will apply nine credit hours in Bioethics as electives toward the MSSW degree and nine credit hours of approved MSSW courses will count as electives for the MA degree.


The MA is a thriving and vibrant program with lots of activities and opportunities to meet with people who share your interest in the intersection of health care and the humanities. If you are interested in the dual degree please contact us as early as possible so we can include you in our community!