Accelerated BA / MA in Health Care Ethics

This accelerated program is perfect for the excellent student who is primed for a career in the health sciences or professional ethics and wants to investigate critical moral and methodological questions to evaluate healthcare institutions and practices.

To this end, you may take 9 hours of graduate (600-level) classes while you are an undergrad, and apply those hours to your BA. Then, you need only 24 hours of additional graduate coursework to complete the Applied Philosophy - Health Care Ethics MA.

The guidelines for this accelerated BA/MA track are as follows:

  1. Apply for the accelerated program no later than the end of your junior year.
  2. Your GPA -- both overall and in the major -- must be at least 3.35.
  3. Graduate application to the Applied Philosophy - Health Care Ethics MA program is still required.
  4. Up to 9 hours of graduate credit may be applied to the BA.

Sample Curriculum for Accelerated BA/MA in Health Care Ethics:

BA-only courses (assumes Bioethics track)
(24 hours = 8 courses)

PHIL 300

PHIL 301 & 303

PHIL 321

PHIL 323

PHIL 311, 412, or 512

PHIL 341 WR or 356 WR

PHIL 502 capstone

Double-counted credits
(9 hours = 3 courses)




MA-only courses
(24 hours = 8 courses)

BETH 683

BETH 684

BETH 636 OR LAW 980

BETH 685

4 electives

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