Accelerated BA or BS / MA in Health Care Ethics

This accelerated program is perfect for the excellent student who is primed for a career in the health sciences or professional ethics and wants to investigate critical moral and methodological questions to evaluate healthcare institutions and practices.

To this end, you may take 9 hours of graduate (600-level) classes while you are an undergrad, and apply those hours to your BA or BS in Philosophy. Then, you need only 21 hours of additional graduate coursework to complete the the Health Care Ethics MA.

The guidelines for this accelerated BA or BS / MA track are as follows:

  1. Apply for the accelerated program no later than the end of your junior year.
  2. Your GPA -- both overall and in the major -- must be at least 3.35.
  3. The GRE and graduate application to the Health Care Ethics MA program are still required.
  4. Up to 9 hours of graduate credit may be applied to the BA or BS.
  5. Students in any Philosophy BA or BS program are eligible.
  6. All other requirements remain the same.

Sample Curriculum for Accelerated BA or BS in Philosophy (Bioethics track) / MA in Health Care Ethics:

BA-only courses
(24 hours = 8 courses)

PHIL 300

PHIL 301 & 303

PHIL 321

PHIL 323

PHIL 311, 412, or 512

Metaphysics/Epistemology requirement

PHIL 502 capstone

Double-counted credits
(9 hours = 3 courses)




MA-only courses
(24 hours = 8 courses)

BETH 682

BETH 683

BETH 684

BETH 685 or BETH 686

4 electives

For more information please contact , Associate Professor of Philosophy and Program Director. We're looking forward to working with you!