With a focus on community and service, the Brandeis School of Law offers a great value for your law education and the dual JD/MA degree offers a great way to distinguish yourself from other law school graduates. By overlapping relevant courses, dual degree students have the chance to complete both degrees in only four years. Extend your interest in health law or continue your work in humanities or philosophy with our interdisciplinary dual degree!


We offer a competitive pricing structure for students with tuition based on the course load carried each semester. Generally this means three years at current Law School tuition and one year at Graduate Studies tuition. Financial aid may be available through the appropriate school and dual degree students are eligible to be considered for our Graduate Assistantship.

Application Process

Admissions decisions are handled independently for each school. In order to be admitted to the JD/MA program you must be admitted to both the Brandeis School of Law and the Graduate School. You may apply to the MA program either before or during law school, with preference given in the November application pool. It is not necessary to duplicate admissions materials submitted to the School of Law, but we do require an additional personal statement of 2-4 pages answering the question: “Why have you decided to pursue a dual degree focusing on health care ethics?”


The curriculum for the JD/MA is highly customized. Students will work with both the MA program and the Academic Dean at the School of Law to ensure that all requirements are met. All students must complete the 1L curriculum before beginning MA classes. After that, the MA courses can be taken at any time in the following years.