Travel FAQ for Unit Business Managers

    What speed type do I use on the TEV for Graduate Student Council funds?

    We do not use the TEV so we do not have a speed type for you to charge. Instead, you should complete the travel expense voucher for the student’s expenses that the department will cover while leaving off the expenses that you want the GSC to cover. You should then submit the required documentation to us, including receipts for the expenses that you want us to cover. We will process them and let you know if there were any issues.

    Do you reimburse mileage?

    NO, but we can reimburse travel charges. Please submit itemized receipts or proof of purchase of gas and include these charges with the required documentation.

    Note: Per University policy, we cannot reimburse mileage (using the IRS rate) for a rental car. However, we can reimburse rental car and gas costs with appropriate receipts.

    Do you reimburse food costs?

    Not regularly. If the student is to receive a per diem, the department must pay it and submit to the GSC other expenses instead. The only exception is if the student has other expenses that are close to reaching the GSC maximum (e.g., the student can receive a max of $350 but other expenses only total $330) then the GSC will consider food expenses to cover the rest of the total. However, food receipts MUST be itemized because we cannot reimburse the cost of alcohol. If alcohol is on the food receipt, the GSC travel administrator will subtract off those costs from the total; itemized food receipts MUST be submitted for this type of request.

    How do I submit documentation?

    You can submit scanned receipts and the required documentation via email to Hard copies are not accepted.

    How do we receive the funds?

    You do not. The funds are applied directly to the student’s university account.

    Can the department get reimbursed if it already paid for the student’s expenses?

    No. Our funds can only be applied to a student account. Thus, departments cannot be reimbursed for costs already spent on the student.

    How will I know the student was reimbursed?

    You will not unless the student tells you. Again, with the funds being directly applied to the student account we cannot monitor when they are received. Disbursement is completed by the Financial Aid department.

    I submitted documentation and have not heard anything back, what’s going on?

    More than likely, your student’s reimbursement has been processed without any issues. We generally do not reply to submitted paperwork to save some time and inbox space. If there is an issue that needs to be resolved, we will contact you with those details. Otherwise, no news is good news.

    What needs to be submitted to the GSC?

    We need the following submitted either by email .

    1. GSC Reimbursement form 
    2. Travel award letter received by email (sent by the Director of Travel to the student)
    3. Receipt(s) that you want GSC to reimburse
    4. Proof of presentation (if applicable). Acceptable forms include:
      • Abstract acceptance email
      • Program with student's name
      • Any other proof that the student presented at a conference

     Questions? Email .