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    Deadline for Submissions

    University Fellowships 1st Week January February 6th
    Diversity Scholarship 1st Week January February 6th
    Dissertation Completion Awards 1st Week February (for summer) March 6th
    Last Week March (for fall) March 27th 
    1st Week September (for spring) 1st Week October
    Student Commencement Awards 1st Week February (for spring) March 8th
    1st Week September (for summer and fall) 1st Week October 

    Mentor Awards

    (for faculty)

    1st Week February (for spring ONLY) March 8th

    Master’s Student Partial Tuition Scholarship

    Spring 2023 Nominations now open until all are awarded

    Graduate Student Excellence in Teaching Award

    March 1st

    Graduate Student Inclusive Excellence Award         

    March 15th

    Dean's Diversity Supplement Award

    March 31st