Graduate Student Representatives

1.  If your GSC representative has changed, please fill out the New GSC Representative Form

2.  The status of a department is noted as either Active, Probation or Inactive. Departments indicated as Active or Probation are in good standing. Inactive departments are not in good standing and are thus not eligible for Research and Travel Grants. For inquiries about the status of your department, please contact the GSC President at

This reflects the incoming GSC Representatives for the 2023-2024 Council. (This is updated Bi-weekly, when needed)




College of Arts & Sciences

Anthropology Active Erin Kurtz
Applied Philosophy Active Sierra Sheard 
Biology Active Noelle Visser
Chemistry Active An Tran
Communication In-Active Vacant
Criminal Justice Active Weston Anderson
English Active Christina Davidson
Art & Design Active Annabela Cockrell
Geographic & Environmental Sciences Active Jakirul Prothan
History Active Hannah White
Humanities Active Diana Wilder
Mathematics Active Caroline Boone
Pan-African Studies Active Renee Richardson
Physics & Astronomy Active Clayton Robertson
Political Science Active William Wiggington
Public Administration Active Beverly Granger
Psychological & Brain Sciences Probation Khushboo Patel
Sociology Active Sasha Belinova
Theater Arts Active Tajleed Hardy
Urban & Public Affairs and Urban Planning Active Beverly Granger
Women's & Gender Studies Inactive Annika Hogstrom

College of Business

Business Analytics 


Akansha Kumar



John Aiyede

College of Education & Human Development

Sports Administration Active Kara Shedleski
Educational Leadership, Evaluation, & Organizational Development Active Sara Ebrahimi Lialekol
Exercise Physiology Active Caroline Fyre
Elementary, Middle & Secondary Teacher Education Active Anqi Fan

Special Education, Early Childhood & Prevention Science




Counseling and Human Development


Emily Zoernig

Kent School of Social Work

Social Work Active  Liz Utterback

School of Dentistry

Oral Biology In-Active Vacant

Graduate School

Translational Bioengineering Active Landon Teer 

School of Medicine

Anatomical Sciences & Neurobiology Active McKenna Butler
Audiology/ Communicative Disorders  Active Anna Leigh
Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics Active Catlin Howard
Microbiology & Immunology Active Taylor Garrison
Pharmacology & Toxicology Active Lucy Sloan
Physiology Active Tyler Jobe 

School of Music

Music Active Tanner Morrison

School of Nursing

Nursing Active Mifleh Al-Araydeh

School of Public Health

Bioinformatics & Biostatistics Active Yuchen Han 
Health Management & System Sciences Active Chandrima Chatterjee
Epidemiology & Population Health Active Heather Ness
Health Promotion & Behavioral Sciences Active Alyssa Kearney

Speed School of Engineering

Chemical Engineering Active Kirsten Waits
Civil & Environmental Engineering Active Jackson Stewart
Electrical & Computer Engineering In-Active Vacant
Computer Science & Engineering Active Bryan Harris
Industrial Engineering Active Naresh Koju & Sumit Paul 

Mechanical Engineering 



Akhil Tantry